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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 24.20


I too have devices that are Not Available. Hopefully the next v2 update to fix that problem is coming out soon. Also, it also would be REALLY nice if they extended the Zigbee device limit to 64 like in the v3. I need that fixed too.


Excluded and added back my zigbee devices. Not able to reconnect my zwave devices so far. No response yet from Smartthings support.

I have less than 15 devices right now. Feel bad for those with many more to go through this re-add process.

(Ron Talley) #165

SmartThings should go back to when things were working just fine, dump the new Connect App and optimize their servers. I cannot use the new Connect App as I have way too many devices that don’t work in it. I also cannot get to most of my devices that do work in the new App without pulling my hair out.

In the Classic App, I can not get things to pupulate on the Things Tab and I cannot get to any of the Utilities. Things have really gone downhill and I am one of SmartThings biggest fans with over 250 physical devices.

Come on SmartThings Team! Get it together. I am pulling for you but its becoming harder and harder to defend the nonsense.

(Atn) #166

I must say I’m new to St (2months) about 35 physical devices… The latest gossip here has got me scared(also 3-4 devices getting problematic…) I ordered a hubitat unit, and I’m afraid st will take a big hit if they can’t get it together… Fast!..

(Ron Talley) #167

I have one of those as well and it is not a perfect platform either. However, I have found it to be much more stable than the current state of SmartThings. Hubitat is a platform for “tinkerers”, IMHO. If you the patience then it is well worth the effort. I have a mesh of the two systems. My Hubitat devices show up and are controllable in the SmartThings Classic App because I rather use SmartThings’ Classic App interface. I absolutely HATE the new Connect App. YUK!!!:rage:

IMHO, ST has no other option other than getting their s**t together as far as it pertains to me. I do believe it will get better but for now, I consider it a broken platform. However and sadly, it will probably be the better platform for most simple users despite its flaws.

There was a period, about 4 solid months, where I had ZERO issues. I wish the updates were not forced as I am a strong believer in, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

(Chris) #168

As someone who has used both, I don’t see how Hubitat is any more for “tinkerers” than ST. They both require some technical knowledge, just in slightly different forms, and I’d even argue that the local processing makes Hubitat easier to use since there’s no “mysterious cloud” to deal with.

(Ron Talley) #169

YMMV but I did have a little difficulty in producing the same results in Hunitat as I had in SmartThings.

As a matter of fact, I got along with SmartLighting for a while until I needed more out of SmartThings. That’s when it became a tinkerreing adventurer.

As I stated, “Most” people do not require what I needed to accomplish.

Remember, “We” the people of this forum, are a very small part of the overall picture.


Finally have everything back up. Again, I have a limited number of devices, so good luck to those who have to go through a reinstall for all devices.

Part of my problem was not fully excluding my zwave devices after disconnection. Newb error on my side. Still frustrating 24.20 somehow caused this zigbee/zwave device debacle, cautious on my go forward path

Thanks to team Innovelli (@Eric_Inovelli) and @Kianoosh_Karami for assisting in getting things back up and running.


Hey @Spartysh32,

What did you end up doing? I’m personally having a heck of a time with my HUB since this update.

About 1/3 of my house doesn’t respond to On/Off commands, and I can’t remove them either.

They are all Z-Wave (various name brands) and all worked fine up until the latest update.

Any help would be appreciated! Fun times owning a smart home brand and your house isn’t even smart lol. My wife is having a field day with me haha.


Sure, here’s my recap.

I’m using a v2 hub. Basically over those two weeks I was down I kept trying to power cycle and wait, no luck. The devices not working showed as available and non reactive in classic app, and disconnection in the new app. No events were showing on the devices that were off.

I had to force remove the devices that were not working. Again, I’m a lightweight here, it was annoying to me, but not horribly painful for the 10 devices this occurred to me on. Zigbee were able to be added back no issues. For the Zwave I weren’t able to disconnect easily, so over a few days after disconnecting and power cycling, finally I physical device excluded and was able to reinstall back in. I deleted a few webcore (not really using it right now) that I was not using, and deleted my device handlers and reinstalled.

(Added from post below) I excluded everything and re-added everything using the classic app. I also should add I needed to remove the old devices in Alexa, readd the devices there, even if the same name. Also I had to repick my devices in my automation rules in the classic app. Everything when completed showed up from new in the new app.

No real secret sauce here. For about 12 days I was crossing my fingers for Samsung support to fix it. Finally started removing and reinstalling myself.

Again, the device purchase pausing problem I have is if I keep growing my HA with Smartthings, this could be 30, 50, 200 devices that I would have to exclude and re-add, all from a fw update. Things were fine prior to 24.20.


Too funny. Anyone from SmartThings, like @Kianoosh_Karami, know about your situation?


Awesome, thanks! I’ll throw a prayer to the SmartThings gods shortly :slight_smile:

(Dominick Barile) #175

@Spartysh32 so just removing the sensors & basically resetting them as if they were new fixed the problem with them appearing as connected on the new app?


Hey, yes, good news, Tom reached out to me and they’re going to look at it. I owe @Kianoosh_Karami my first born at this point, he’s been great at helping me with issues that pop up!

More to come :slight_smile:


Yup, although I excluded everything and re-added everything using the classic app. I also should add I needed to remove the old devices in Alexa, readd the devices there, even if the same name. Also I had to repick my devices in my automation rules in the classic app. Everything when completed showed up from new in the new app.

(Steve White) #178

Overall I am enjoying Hubitat too. It’s not without its quirks and bugs however. I’m struggling to keep devices from dropping from both meshes, but do attribute that to the rapid migration of devices.

The Hubitat version of SHM (HSM) is arming for night when it should be home. Could be a bug. Who knows but at least support is willing and capable of fixing it. The lack of an app is a killer and the web app and dashboards aren’t a complete replacement.

There’s one huge difference between the two platforms. Hubitat is on a path of rapid growth and bug fixes. SmartThings has been stagnant on those two things. For years stability was supposedly the priority over new features. Except we’ve seen neither as they continue to depend on a fallible cloud infrastructure.

Then the new app came out. ‘Nuff said.

(Dominick Barile) #179

That is interesting. If no fix by the weekend I’ll try what you did. Thanks for the info.

(Kianoosh Karami) #180

@Eric_Inovelli I reached out to you regarding your issues via slack/DM. Let’s figure out what has gone wrong


Thanks @Kianoosh_Karami for your help. All seems to be fixed now!


Unfortunately all of my zigbee and zwave devices are not reachable again today with either app or with Amazon Alexa. They were working fine until overnight. Same issue as mentioned 2+ weeks ago. Very frustrating.