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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 24.20


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Devices are still unavailable. Multiple power cycles didn’t help. Support ticket was opened a few days ago.

(Blaine M) #124

For what it’s worth this update was transparent to me and one of my friends that has the system. I have about 50 total Z-Wave devices on the hub and they are all staying connected as well as they ever have. I’m running Web Core and a number of smart apps. I run as many local device handlers as I can. I have other integrations including Ring and Ecobee. I also recently updated the firmware for all 17 of my Leviton devices, which has helped stability tremendously.

I was not so lucky on the last 24.10 update. I was away when it updated and everything went unavailable. When I got home I had to pull the batteries and disconnect power then reconnect. After that everything seemed to be fine.

I have added a few more devices since this update and I’ve made it my practice to reboot the hub and do a Z-Wave repair after I change anything on the Z-Wave network. That also seems to improve stability.

I don’t have any Zigbee devices, so I can’t speak to those.

Hopefully that helps somebody having these issues.



I’ve also done zwave repairs as part of my remediation efforts, which complete almost instantaneously, which I find odd.

I was getting close to purchasing some additional switches to install. This has given me pause.

All said, first world problems. But it is annoying.

(Ken Hopkins) #126

Same exact problems here. Wasting so much time with ST lately and finally at the breaking point with their technology, website, mobile platforms, devices, etc. Uggggh! Researching now to see what else is comparable.


Same boat.

(Steve White) #128

Doing that now. I have set up a Hubitat system in my workshop along with a bunch of test devices. So far the speed is beyond impressive. The one thing that is severly hobbling the platform is the lack of a cohesive UI. The ST app, for all it’s faults and poor design decisions at least allows you the ability to organize devices and access device functions in a user friendly manner. Hubitat has a decent dashboard system but the tiles are not customizable right now, and most tiles only show one or two device attrbutes, severly limiting its usefulness. Other than that it is a great platform.

(Shyam Avvari) #129

(From UK) Since this update all my zigbee devices went down… after reading through the post, restarted the hub twice with 15min gaps… only 2 to 3 devices came back… Raised a ticket with support lets hope they will provide a solution…

PS: I am going to add a ton more devices… zigbee mainly… so I have started looking for alternate solutions… being able to write/code custom dth and other integrations is the key requirement…

(Jimmy) #130

Zigbee mesh can take hours to rebuild. Restarting the hub that quickly will only make things worse.

(Shyam Avvari) #131

Sorry it wasnt like that… the restarts were days apart… and i waited for 15min to turn the hub back on each time…


Good f’ing morning @SmartThings! This is what I’m waking up this morning!

Ii have no idea what crap was introduced with firmware 24.11 through 24.20, but this is getting absolutely ridiculous :rage::rage::rage:


Is anyone over there ever going to respond to my ticket??? (#642041)

(Alex) #133

Local execution, speed, reliability are all super appealing features of Hubitat so I am keeping a watchful eye. I don’t want to give up the breadth of options that the ST platform provides but things may change depending on what the new ecosystem (final version of new app and the new IDE) will look like. Some of the ST benefits you mentioned regarding the organization of devices etc seem to somewhat match the Classic app… but have you taken a look at the new app? Have you found a way to organize your devices? I believe you mentioned having several hundred devices so the issue I am seeing with about 230 (physical, C2C, virtual, etc) devices must be exasperated. I would not ever want to use the new app if it doesn’t change drastically making it easier to organize and access devices.

What are your thoughts? Maybe I am missing something or not using it properly.

(Kianoosh Karami) #134

Dear @johnconstantelo

Good morning to you as well.

We have communicated about this issue in extent in the past and I had told you that the devices are not responding. If you honestly do not agree with my assessment, feel free to purchase a Z-Wave Sniffer ( and prove it to me that the devices are working properly.

Do you not possibly think that devices may have issues? Specially when the GE/Jasco have acknowledge older models have issues with not responding after a given period.



I’m not disagreeing that GE has a known bug, but something has changed with release 24.11 through 24.20 to exasperate/exploit this issue more than any time I can recall in the past, and I’ve been using ST from the very beginning. Prior to 24.11, my GE devices were performing better than ever. I’ll add that all my other zwave devices also preformed exceptionally well up until that same point in time.

Regardless of the GE problem you continually reference, the other offline switches I’ve had are also Aeon and Leviton devices. The one in the image in the post above that you’ve replied to, Screened Porch Fan, is a Leviton; additionally, the images and device ID’s I provided in my support ticket also identity the same Leviton device and my other Aeon devices. Every one of those devices are using the stock ST DTH’s.

I have no problem debugging my own environment, and I have no problem replacing any device that may be causing me problems; but I do have problems when there’s no reply/updates to my support ticket or requests for another zwave mesh diagram (that you’ve provide me in the past) that I’ve asked for a couple times.

If the answers to my questions or my support ticket is that ST can’t do anything more to provide assistance, or help explain underlying changes that have been made to help me diagnose or improve my mesh, then so be it. Close my ticket and I’ll be on my way.


I do not have any GE devices, and all of my devices are unresponsive.


You’re lucky because according to @Kianoosh_Karami, I have over 60 GE switches with a bug I’d have to replace before ST will provide further help (even though they were working fine until…).

(Steve White) #138

So far I am really liking Hubitat. I spent a day testing it before migrating any production devices. I ran a bunch of test adding and removing certain devices, testing functionality, etc. I’ve already moved over 200 devices so far, so I’m about halfway. The Hubitat UI is certainly the platforms biggest weakness right now. It’s functional at a minimalist level, but certainly could use a lot of improvement.

The new ST app is a train wreck. I use some custom DTHs and none are supported in the app. THe new app has rooms, but still treats them as headers and shows the full device list which takes forever. My hub was crashing/disconnecting everytime I tried controlling a large number of devices at once. This is particularly an issue with all of the Christmas lights. Thanks to local execution, the Christmas lights would turn off, but any cloud automations would fail, either completely or partially, and leave the house in a very unknown state that required 5-10 minutes at bedtime every day to check things.

Hubitat supports Zigbee group messaging (multicast). I have a group configured to turn off all inside Christmas lights. In HT they all turn off instantly, no popcorn-effect. In ST, they turn off over a 5-6 second period, then the hub goes down and other automations (i.e. door locks fail).

I have no doubt the older GE switches have a software bug. I used to air gap them all the time when I used them with Iris. That improved greatly with SmartThings to the point where I was air gapping a switch or two every few months. I do believe that the Z-Wave implementation in the hub absolutely has the ability to exacerbate the bug in the switches and cause them to go offline. I have no idea how, but I experienced the same issue with Iris v2 but when I switched to ST the problem almost completely went away.

(Alex) #139

I am guessing these older switches are not zwave plus, correct?

It would be nice if Jasco / GE were to release their firmware so we can update their devices… I have updated most of my devices but have many different versions of firmware on many identical Jasco / GE devices. In certain cases I had the distinct impression they were behaving / performing differently so it would be nice to deal with just one version of the firmware to eliminate this additional hurdle.

(Steve White) #140

That is correct. The original Jasco switches were built with 200 series Z-Wave chipsets which go back to the mid-2000’s in terms of design. Those are the devices with the big blue LED’s, and those are the devices most prone to the “air gapping” bug. About 4 years ago they released a new set of devices with the 300 series chipsets along with smaller blue LED’s, and interchangeable Decora paddles. More recently Jasco released the newer Z-Wave Plus devices with 500 series SoCs that are rumored to be able to be upgraded.

To the best of my knowledge Jasco apparently does not release firmware to end users so it’s probably a moot point.

(Richard Bryant) #141

What are you using for rules? Rules Engine or WebCoRE ? If Rules Engine how steep was that learning curve of coming from WebCoRE ?

They need a better ui and a more capable hub where you can install local apps like a WebCoRE . That would be a rap for ST…

ST and HU are you listening ? Winner takes all…