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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 24.20


The lag is a known issue, mentioned on the official status page. It happened twice in the last couple of days, lasting several hours each time.

It’s supposed to be resolved now, though.


My guess is you are now seeing the repeater issue with your Crees. Power off your Crees and see what happens.


I don’t think so, although it’s a good suggestion and I may try that too. My Crees were updated back in August to the firmware everyone else is on now, and they’ve not caused me any issues (yet). It would be worth a try to force the rejoin through a different part of my mesh. This is when a zigbee tool to map my mesh would be a gigantic help.

(Dan) #104

You could get an Xbee Zigbee module and use it to map out your Zigbee mesh.


I think in my case the sensors hit the hub direct when the Crees are powered off (obviously as they come back online). You would think the mesh would just stay like that but when the Crees get power again the sensors evidently mesh back through them then when a Cree has a problem I lose the sensor(s). Note, I have already reset all my Crees but I don’t have any control over ST trying to mesh through them.

I have a feeling your mesh updated somehow and now you have a sensor mapping through a Cree.


HI @Nezmo, @ogiewon, @aruffell, and @greg,

Ok, I moved the sensor causing me grief to a location where another device works just fine, and moved that device to the location where the device causing grief was located.

I’ll monitor for several hours to see what happens. I did notice that when I reinserted the battery in the misbehaving device that the blue led was blinking as if it was never joined, even though it was. This is leading me to believe I could very well have a bad device, unless of course ST did some type of removal; but no event logs exist to support that.


Just FYI, I have seen this too in sensors that were causing me problems. I went through lots of battery pulls and resets on sensors before I realized just powering off the Crees brought the sensors back online. Some of those sensor reset attempts would work and some wouldn’t. But powering off the Crees works every time.


If the Cree bug finally bit me after making it this far, then I’ll be PO’d.

The sensor I moved in it’s place was sitting less than 5 feet from a Cree bulb, and it works fine, while the misbehaving sensor was nowhere near a bulb.

Time will tell, so stay tuned.


So far so good this morning. The problematic sensor last reported temperature about 3 hours ago, and it’s in a stable place in terms of temp, and nowhere near a bulb. The sensor I replaced that with is also doing great reporting temp changes every hour.

My wife, who was witnessing all this moving around last night, finally said something as we were headed to bed to the effect “hey, that little white thing on the window had a red light on for a long time the other night and I forgot to tell you…is that what you’re trying to fix?”


(Jason) #110

@Kianoosh_Karami What is going on with zwave after this update. All week I am having devices drop off again and cannot get a clean repair to run. Why does this happen every time you push an update? I need assistance!

(Seth M) #111

Sometime between 6:30 am PST and 7:05 am PST today (December 14, 2018), all of my virtual switches stopped triggering their actions. They were slow to react and the events never triggered.

It’s also intermittently not able to control locks and lights.

That’s still going on now (8:10 am PST).


(Melinda Little) #113

So my hub keeps dropping offline and the IDE is throwing 503 errors. So there is something going on. Just before this I was had one motion sensor no longer working and non hue lights showing not available. Sigh…

( #115

One day maybe they will enable the bluetooth radio… one day…

(Realy Living Dream) #116

:rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Even being able to disable and reenable the power on the Bluetooth sockets would be something.

(Tony Fleisher) #118

Bluetooth sockets?


Oops, major brain fart there. Nothing to do with the drink I had in my hand at all.

Obviously I wanted to say I’d settle for being able to cycle the USB power. That’d be so useful.

Then I wanted to say the trouble with bluetooth is enabling it might open the floodgates. Shame really as again even limited features like device detection would be useful.

Now to go and hide under the bedclothes in shame.


Hi @Nezmo, @ogiewon, @aruffell, and @greg,

You guys will like this, me not so much…

The two sensors I swapped positions with yesterday are doing great, but now I dropped a different one. Yesterday the problematic sensor was called “Den Left Window”, now it’s the “Den Right Window”. WTH?

That sensor is much closer to a Cree bulb. So I powered down the bulb, power cycled an Iris wall plug that’s the same distance, and rejoined the device, and powered back up the bulb. We’ll see how Saturday morning turns out.

That bulb also got a firmware update back in August and was working fine BTW, as well as all my zigbee devices in that area that could potentially route through it. If I now all of a sudden have the Cree bug as many others do, the only thing that changed from August until now has been ST’s releases of hub firmware.

The saga continues.

(Dan) #121

Come to the Dark Side!!!

I think Darth Vader summed it up pretty well… :wink:

“When I left you I was but the learner. Now I am the master.”

“Be Careful Not To Choke On Your Convictions”

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