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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 24.20

(Zach Varberg) #81

The config is caused because the Cree bulbs are rejoining the network. My suspicion is the bulb is restarting, causing both the on and the rejoin. When devices rejoin the hub we reconfigure them in case they had been reset out of band and/or lost their reporting configuration.

Lights Randomly Turn On
(Steve White) #82

PM Sent. Thank you.


I power cycled my hub for an hour, and 4 zigbee device came back as offline. 3 are Cree bulbs and 1 is an Iris sensor. That sensor has been having issues staying joined since 24.20, and I haven’t tried rejoining since I’ve powered back up. I can only get 2 of the 3 Cree’s to rejoin. That last one absolutely refuses to rejoin.

This is getting so damn frustrating.

EDIT: While doing a search for a new device, I did a reset of the bulb, which then in turn caused it to rejoin. Now I’ll go try the sensor.

EDIT: Iris sensor rejoined after a few attempts. We’ll see how long this lasts because ever since I got 24.20 this device keeps getting dropped.


After your release, my GE paddle switch (ZW4005) began to flicker and has now stopped working. I cannot control the lights manually with the switch now either.

(Kianoosh Karami) #85

Can you PM me and let me know which device (Device ID please) and timestamps for which the issue is happening?


Who’s that request for @Kianoosh_Karami? Me or @jameswc?

(Kianoosh Karami) #87

It was a reply to @jameswc, but if your GE switches are acting up, please PM Me and I can take a look.


yup, did that earlier today from your other request above. I didn’t include the device ID’s so I’ll go back and edit the PM.


I am unable to PM you currently as I am new and that functionality has not been provided to me.


Hi @Kianoosh_Karami,

My patience is running thin. I’ve been updating my ticket (#642041) once or twice a day with devices that drop, and I’m getting NO feedback from support.

ST is refusing to play nice with one of my zigbee devices ever since I got 24.20 (it was working OK with 24.11, and perfectly before that).

It took forever to get ST to let the following Iris sensor rejoin, and now for no reason at all, it dropped it 3 hours ago. What is happening?

(Greg) #91

Just as a data point, I wanted to let you know that I have at least 15 of the iris open/close sensors and am so far not having a problem on 24.20. I’m using the same DTH as you. What firmware is the sensor on? Mine are 0x1C005310


I’m on 0x1C005310, and have 65 of these. All are at that release, but just this one is causing me grief. I have a few spares, so I’m going to swap it out when I get home. If’s it’s a bad device, then I’ll cut ST some slack on this one, but it’s odd that it started when all this crap started up with the hub’s firmware releases.

EDIT: actually I may just move this to another location to see if I have a zigbee repeater or range issue before swapping it out. I doubt it, but it’s worth a shot in not having to trash a device.

(Mark C) #93

I’ve pull the power. Then refreshed all smartapps in the ide. And touch wood its settled down

(Alex) #94

Sounds like a hardware failure to me… Did you try to replace the bulb? The dimmer itself might also fail. I have had numerous such cases…

(Alex) #95

If you have so many identical sensors with the same DTH working fine, wouldn’t it make more sense to suspect something other than the hub’s firmware which is properly handling the other 64 sensors? I would hunt for something that is unique to the bad sensor as a more likely cause. Bad sensor? Different hardware revision of that sensor? Location? Repeaters? Localized interference? Battery? Too many Zigbee sensors for the local repeater? …just a few ideas.


Perhaps, hence me stating I’ll move it and see. Problem is though that sensor has been there for a couple years working perfect until 24.11+ was released, and I have several other zigbee devices in close proximity that work perfectly fine.

The same thing happened with another firmware release a couple years ago that knocked out numerous zigbee devices. Turned out that ST changed how they managed zigbee devices and routing tables, but didn’t communicate that change until I spent a couple months working with their senior engineers to work out the bugs.

Like I said, I’ll move it and see what happens. If it’s bad, so be it, but the coincidence and past history/experience has me thinking otherwise.

I’ll add that it would be nice for ST to publish a tool or provide a way for me to see my zigbee mesh. I know they do that for zwave because I’ve gotten those before from them.

(Alex) #97

Valid points, but then I would expect you to be facing havoc with a much larger number of Zigbee devices…

I use Zwave Tool Box to get more insight in my Zwave mesh network. I believe there are similar tools for Zigbee.

I would love for ST to provide integrated tools to manage large device networks!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

I get the impression all current relevant home automation players tend to focus on the typical smaller deployments, and low end user tech knowledge ignoring the needs of power users with large networks.


I am currently running about 30+ Ecosmart LED bulbs on Zigbee, Xioami Motion sensors and an IRIS Smartplug. Ever since 24.20, i have had devices drop, which is a real hassle to reconnect them.

But even when connected, there is a massive lag when i turn devices on and off, or completely non-responsive.

What’s interesting is that this isnt just limited to ZIGBEE devices. I have WEMO switches and plugs also connected to the Smarththigns Hub V2, and they are also non-responsive/massive lag. Something is seriously wrong with this firmware, and i would like to know how to roll back as everythign was working perfectly.

The lag is so bad that sometimes my kids room in the middle of the night the lights woudl just turn on due to the lag .

(Alex) #99

@minirx7 - Are you by any chance using webCore? This is a shot in the dark but bad pistons might be stressing the entire system. I think I’ve run into that in the past. This might explain why you have a general lag. I also believe ST mentioned that shard NA04 is (was?) suffering from cloud lag which was unrelated to the firmware update. I definitely had sluggish performance but it seems a bit better now.


Actually i do have webCore setup but am not using anything in WebCore at the moment.

But the lag is both Zigbee, Wemo, MyQ (Garage door openers), and pretty much everything.