Hub Firmware Release Notes - 24.20

And probably why Cree can’t find the issue.


Read a few posts up in this thread.

Boy am I glad I switched to Hubitat


Hopefully this update includes the simple patch so the box can finally figure out how daylight savings time works. I have my doubts, however.

The time comes from the cloud. :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

Is it possible to roll this back?? I have several GE Z-Wave light switches, they are all randomly turning on. Not a fun thing to be woken up by. I’ve rebooted the hub and killed power to the switches and still have the issue.

My GE Z-wave switches are doing the same thing.

I don’t think so. Since there is no backup of your devices you are at the whim of ST.

At the risk of getting flamed, people who have had enough of this kind of external control of their own homes should really check out Hubitat.



Interesting that you guys posted that comment because I was woken up by a bathroom light and an exhaust fan in the middle the night last night. Both devices are GE switches.

“swings” :joy: but on a serious note, what is not supported by hubitat that I currently are using with ST?

IKEA bulbs/switches
Sensibo sky
Xiaomi Aqara
Sylvania motion
Fibaro switches
Fibaro smartplugs
What about rtps camera streams?

The instant Hubitat has a mobile app my wife will use, and I get some stick time on it with some of my devices, I can see different solution on the horizon for me…

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Won’t flame you. I’m seriously considering it.
I’m just so wound up in Webcore at this point that the horror stories of that non-integration are putting me off. Variables are a significant component of my build, and rule machine apparently does not do variables… also, I’m loathe to have to pick up another handful of repeaters to offset the documented weakness of the Hubitat radio.

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Why wait? I’ve been with ST for almost 3 years. Theres still quite a bit that Hubitat cannot do, but there is a lot that it can. I’m not a fan of the closed source on the hub, but I just cannot continue to let SmartThings cloud issues interfere with home life.

The hub update a while back that ate nearly 70 batteries in a month put me on the edge of changing platforms. The cloud issues over the past week and lack of response from support on another issue I’ve been having for a few weeks was the tipping point.

Unless you are content remaining with ST, hoping that things change, why stay? Things won’t change. There’s been a considerable devolution of ST as a whole this year, starting with the mobile app, bad firmware, cloud issues, and declining staff participation in the forum.


Not sure if this is just since the update but probably, My hub shows as disconnected in the SmartThings app but SmartThings Classic and the IDE show as Active. Hub events are showing activity also. Just the SmartThings app shows disconnected. Let me know if there’s any documentation I can provide.

That is normal behavior between the new app and Classic. Unless you have a Samsung appliance that requires the new app, stick with Classic - especially if you have custom DTH’s and also desire to get to device preferences (new app can’t do that yet).

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@SteveWhite, yeah I hear ya’. I’ve been with ST since they launched from Kickstarter, and I’ve seen a lot of good and a whole lot of bad. I honestly don’t have the time to move 300 devices, apps, and a few custom DTH’s right now. The last few weeks has me rethinking that though.


I mostly use the Classic app but I feel like I have to keep the new one installed for things like room assignments that the Classic app doesn’t seem to do. Rebooting the hub does seem to have restored the connected status to the new app at least for now. I was having an issue with a GE switch that was reporting on but wasn’t and was unresponsive to commands so I loaded up the new app to try a command from there and happened to notice the disconnected state of the hub. The switch required the air gap to be pulled to reset the switch and get it back.

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That makes sense, as some of my devices are more distant than others.
It does seem to take about half an hour for some too.

Can you elaborate on that a little more? I find that Classic does way more than the new one, so I’m curious what you mean by that.

Yep, and I’ve been doing that almost daily since 24.11 came out, and so far every day since 24.20 came out.