Hub Firmware Release Notes - 21.13


These firmware updates are causing one of my garage doors to open without notice. My Chamberlain Garage Door Opener is linked to my Samsung SmartThings via a Linear Controller.

(Brad) #22

There was a DTH change.

(Brad) #23

Have you tried discovery since the firmware update went out today? Prior to this release, I would have expected an inability to discover the A/Cs.

(Mrdavehardin) #24

Three z wave Kwikset locks and 4 Dome contact switches, all is well. Alexa still works, no problems I am aware of.

(Chris) #25

Once again another thing that is a total no-go. Why force an update on someone that is not even using the feature you fixed?
Sorry, but you guys don‘t have a clue how to run a service properly.
One more reason to speed up my transition away from ST and cut the cord on this altogether.


The issue is not the ability to discover, like i said in the support ticket, the 4 room a/cs are detected but it gets in some kind of loop but after some time it detected the a/cs one by one it seems fine now

(Clint Smullen) #27

Hub STILL will not recognize a Samsung 6431 camera. Why not?

(Tocker30) #28

@csmullen Right now even if you get the camera detected you won’t be able to have the hub record any videos. It will tell you there was a clip stored but it isn’t there and you won’t be able to view it.

(Daniel Ölvebrink) #29

Will this solve the detection of my SNH-V6414B Samsung Web camera? Which seem to be a known issue as far as I understand.

(Bill Gardner) #30

Was hoping this would fix the issue with connectivity between the hub and my Samsung Smart tv. It worked wonderfully until August of last year, now they won’t recognize each other. So much for the $1500.00 I spent on an upgraded tv so it would integrate with the rest of my home. Should have stuck with other brand. It didn’t connect but was larger at half the price. Lesson learned.

(Ray) #31

Not possible.

(Joern) #32

With the new firmware 21.13 my Samsung washer is already connected to Samsung and via Smartthings useable. Thanks for the quick and working fix!!:+1:

(Zach Varberg) #33

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