Hub Firmware Release Notes - 21.12

(Tim Messerschmidt) #81

Would you be able to implement a “Virtual Bulb” at some point, too? I know for the ST App it really doesn’t make a difference but for instance Google Assistant reacts differently when asking to turn off a number of lights in a certain room vs. all switches.

I also wonder if the Smart Lightning mirroring could be a two-way relationship at some point. Sometimes I control a virtual switch to control a light and sometimes the physical switch. I’d love to synch state between both.

(Paul Osborne) #82

I took at look at this last night and saw confirmed that older Samsung DA (Digital Appliance) devices are speaking and older version of TLS (TLS 1.0, I believe) than the server on the hub setup to handle traffic from these devices was configured to accept (TLS 1.2).

Another engineer will be working on confirming this root cause analysis and working on preparing a fix.

(John) #83

@posborne Would this issue allow ST to see the washer/dryer, but not be able to add them as devices?


Is this available for Samsung Connect Home hub, too?

(Joern) #85


Hi Paul, thanks for the information. Hopefully you can provide a fix soon. Can you provide a time line when this fix will be available? Any ideas?

As I mentioned, I opened a support ticket yesterday.

Thanks for keeping me updated on this.

(Jimmy) #86

Unfortunately this is only for the V2 hub. I don’t know if there has ever been a firmware upgrade for the Connect Home. ADt Hub or Nvidia Shield Link :confused:


I doubt it, but it would be a different FW upgrade if it does become available.

(Mavrrick) #88

I think some stuff has happened with the ADT Smarthings Panel but can’t confirm it. Basically i had an issue a while back and was told specifically a fix was coming in a upcoming firmware release. About a month later i got notification that it was fixed and i should be able to continue. So that points to it being updated. but I an’t find a change long for anything…

(Paul Osborne) #89

Updates for all of these devices should be coming in the future. I have been most involved with Nvidia and hub firmware version 20.x is expected to ship with the next major system update (barring any major issues in testing, of course). Connect Home and ADT also have plans for moving to newer major versions of the software.

As it stands today, SmartThings does not have direct control over when the required parts of some of these systems is updated so the cadence is going to tend to be slower from first-party platforms where we have full control over all parts of the software. We hope to find ways to reduce this and, as we integrate with partners, have requirements on them keeping the hub software up to date.

(Paul Osborne) #90

Right now I can’t provide an exact time; It is actually a holiday for SmartThings employees today but I’m sure we’ll discuss at the start of next week how we want to move forward while evaluating any other issues we hear about in the field.

We apologize for this regression and will be reviewing out test plans and automated testing to ensure that these devices are not similarly regressed in the future.


So, just went to create a new Virtual Switch to work with my new Blink cameras and discovered IFTTT doesn’t work with virtual switches. Is that expected or should IFTTT be able to recognize them? Either way doesn’t matter much since if the internet is down so is IFTTT, but just interested.


Another question. Any place to look up what the Sengled firmware 0x00000009 includes? I noticed there is an update for many of my bulbs (not sure if part of this release or a prior) but unsure what it includes. They have been working well so am wary of making any updates unless there is something worth adding.

(Jimmy) #93

Did you give IFTTT access to the new switch? I’m using them fine with IFTTT.


Yes I did. When I went back and switched back to Simulated they appeared. I guess it could be some time to trickle across the wire, although when I switched back, it showed up within seconds.

EDIT: Ok, seems to have just been timing. I went and added a separate switch I moved over to Virtual and it showed up fine. I then went and switched the handler on my Blink switch back to Virtual and it also is showing up fine.


Fingers crossed, but yesterday and today seem to have gone fine. Thanks for minding the store! :slight_smile:


A little confused so do the switches created in SmartApps run locally please ? Or just the ones created in the IDE ?


I’ve lost two z-wave devices. A plug and a sensor. I spent an hour trying to get the sensor back only to have it drop off again within an hour. This is horrible. They disappear from both my things and the automation. I think its related to the upgrade on the 12th.


Please would someone from ST confirm if UK users can now use zigbee OTA updates for Osram products?


(Zach Varberg) #99

That firmware adds support for secure rejoin, so if the device needs to rejoin the network it will follow that path instead of an unsecure rejoin.

(Zach Varberg) #100

Any Virtual Switch should run locally. But 2 things to note. 1) “Virtual Switch” is the DTH so it’s not that any non physical switch device will run locally, it is only those using that DTH. And 2) if you create using the IDE (or change the type of what was previously a Simulated Switch or something) make sure the “hub” field is set on the device otherwise it won’t run locally as we don’t know which hub it should be associated with.

For the products listed in the release notes, you can enable the OTA and it should update those bulbs.