Hub Firmware Release Notes - 20.17

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The outage was 100% completely unrelated to the v2 Hub firmware update.

There was a data migration which placed an unexpectedly high strain on infrastructure. The migration was halted and performance was restored.

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FYI we do internal post-mortems on all outages, and in certain situations weve posted to the community.

For example: Hub Firmware Release 17.11 Post-mortem

SmartThings Outage - Mar 12 2018

Great, thanks for the information Brad_ST and nastevens!

Much appreciated!

Hope you get the data transfer done albeit in a slower pace now then.

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@nastevens, @Brad_ST, Im glad both of you are here and can provide information. The reason I laugh is that weve had so many issues this year already and theres hardly a peep from ST staff.


You guys were spot on. Not! :joy:

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Just you being here communicating/sharing what you have/can is appreciated and important. Please keep taking the time to do so - to have a presence w/your customers. Thanks.


My guess is that its neither app or firmware, its a database/backend/server thing

For me all the problems are gone now this morning. No strange errors popping up and all things, dashboards and other stuff load right away without having to reload/refreshing manually


It was stated above as to what the cause of the outage was.


Just calling it like I see it. Dont take your frustration out on me.

Most people here have many decades of technical knowledge in this community. So with your 30 years and incomplete facts, or understanding of how the ST platform and backend is built and/or functions, maybe in the future you should hold off on guessing or concluding until the facts come to light.

I participate in betas and help the ST staff where I can, and try to stay out of the way without jumping to conclusions and posting all sorts of banter and complaints towards them, which does nothing to help resolve the actual issue that is going on.

So call me what you want, but my post was in jest for all the new posters that come out here and have all the answers, only to learn the hard way, and then vent their frusration toward others.


Sure, I was referring to the issues me and several others had yesterday (reported further up in this thread), a guess would be that whatever migration and stuff they did solved the problems I saw. The outtage I never even noticed.

Now I hope that my z-wave plus door/window sensors soon can use the old DTH again (which broke when moved to Local execution) since that was a feature which i have been looking forward to


I help out here in the community more than you know.

Another incorrect conclusion you have come to.

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Now everithing works fine. Thanks to all


Being the mature one here we can agree that we will never agree. Enjoy life

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This is completely at odds with itself, especially when you throw this into the mix:

Which is even more astonishing when you consider that you stated that in direct response to someone who actually works for SmartThings and DOES know a whole lot about whats going on. Now theres not much harm in speculating yourself what is wrong but you directly disagreed with a someone at SmartThings and made very sweeping statements presented as facts.

@WB70 does a HUGE amount for the community and youve basically told staff at SmartThings that they dont know what theyre talking about so yeah. Weve got a LOT of IT related people in here all with their own opinions on whats right without actually having the intimate knowledge that SmartThings staff do. All that is asked is not jump to conclusions like you and others have done and instead help by providing useful information to SmartThings that might help them narrow down the issue faster.

Honestly, @WB70 is an asset to the community and a great person, I am sure you are too, we all just need to take a step back a little, outages are no fun for anyone, us, our families or the people that work at SmartThings who do their best and are a great bunch of people, in fact one of the reason why I personally stick around with SmartThings even through the outages.

In fact, @WB70 helped you out here:

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@WB70 does have useful, constructive and enlightening posts about 20% of the time. The rest hes adding nothing to threads, he provokes arguments, stokes peoples frustrations, and worse, when Im trying to glean information from a thread I have to read his immature attempts at humour, infantile comments that are completely unrelated to the subject at hand, which becomes very annoying. Its like he has a captured audience whereby be doesnt elsewhere in his life and is using this forum as an extension, or in place of, his social circle.


Anyone from Smartthings able to help me with more details on this? Is a fix on the radar?

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I have the exact same issue. The funny thing is, this bug was actually introduced on the Android app, it used to work fine for both iOS and Android but now it only works on iOS.


Yeah, my wife has an iPhone so its annoying to see landscape mode working for her. Seems like it is something that should be very easy to fix, was hoping that it might be in this update, but nothing again. Feels like its been an age now, I just want to know if its on the Smartthings team radar really

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Your response is in appropriate and the name calling uncalled for. I have flagged your post for a moderators attention.