Hub Firmware Release Notes - 19.19

(Tony) #61

May be unrelated to the firmware update (my hub updated apparently without incident around 5pm EST yesterday, everything still working normally) but throwing this out there as a data point:

Sometime in the wee hours this morning my hub went offline (as evidenced by nothing working in response to scheduled events or Alexa interaction). Discovered hub with no light on, though it was powered and still warm. Odd, would have expected some non-green colored light on if it had power and was not completely dead. Panicked, I unplugged, replugged, and thankfully saw the red light > blue light > green light sequence as it came back on line. Things seem to be working now, though I did find Device Health had somehow turned itself back on. Aside from ‘no DC power’ (not the case here) is there any fault scenario which intentionally turns off the status indicator light?

(jkp) #62

Do report the issue to ST support so they can investigate :slight_smile:

( #63

New to paying attention to this type of stuff on ST. My hub now shows version number “000.019.00019”. I see references to “version 19.19”. Are these the same versions?

(jkp) #64

Yes, they are the same

(Tony) #65

Good idea; I emailed support. Probably most curious as to why Device Health was re-enabled, considering how many issues that particular feature seems to be implicated in.

(Jeffrey) #66

I believe it was re-enabled in the latest IOS release(at least) 2.11 - didn’t see anything about it in the notes but it was on mine right after I installed and I turned it off although I have never had real issues with it before.

(Matt) #67

@nastevens I’m having a similar issue to cpapjack with the exception that I don’t believe I have development hardware. My hardware version shows as hub v2, US customer Rev E and my firmware version shows as 000.018.00022. According to the release notes for 18.18 I do not see any information relating to my firmware version. I’ve tried rebooting my hub several times to see if it would update itself however the version remains the same. This is the first time I’ve had an issue with my hub not updating. Am I missing something?

(jkp) #68

Just curious… what does Last Ping From Hub At show?

(Matt) #69

Last Ping From Hub At 2017-12-06T02:38:04.963Z

(jkp) #70

you may want to try rebooting your router. If that doesn’t help, open a ticket with ST support :slight_smile:

when you rebooted your hub…through IDE or power cycling it (removing batteries and power cord)?

(Matt) #71

I have rebooted by unplugging power cord as well as rebooting through IDE. Opening a support ticket.

(Paul Osborne) #72

For anyone seeing this problem, please do contact support. For your case and a couple others I have seen the root cause for not updating was one of the two problems addressed by the hotfix:

Basically, we found that there was an edge case for some users with cameras where certain clips would fail to get deleted after they were deleted (or TTL expired) from the hub. Eventually, this led to filling up the main data partition on the hub which results in a few different failure scenarios including, it would appear, failing to be able to fully download and apply an update.

Thankfully, support can run a utility to clear out this old video clip data if required. We’ll also see if we can proactively unstuck any that are clearly in this state.

(terence peace) #73

Please can you tell me who is supposed to fix the Hub not seeing our Samsung TVs?
Thank you.

(Nick Stevens) #74

The ST employees on the community forums are mostly engineers and customer support who participate here on their own time (myself included). To the best of my knowledge the team working on your specific issue doesn’t have anyone participating here, and it is not our place to talk about their timelines, even if we knew them. I’ll reiterate that it is a known issue and there are people working on it, but I don’t have any additional information to give beyond that.

(Marcelo Alves) #75

After December 4 (and that is the 2nd time it happens) all my devices do not show up on my Smartthings App, who should I contact to requested a restore of this?
I do not want to reconfigure everything after an update is applied.


I get this occasionally. Usually a tap on the blank page loads them all up.


If you goto your Dashboard in the ST Mobile App and then click in the hamburger (3 lines), it shows the location. If you click on the down arrow does it show another location you can select?

(terence peace) #78


I understand what you are saying.

All I need to know is which dept is doing the fix?

I have smartthings support UK telling me "it’s up to Samsung tv side to fix it"
Then I have the Samsung TV side telling me "it’s up to smartthings to fix it"
Me as the customer stuck in the middle of this all…

So who is doing the fix?

(Marcelo Alves) #79

on my case it does not show another location. That was the same thing the happened on November 2017 update.

The Hub icon you have on your screenshot does not show on mine.

I checked also the and the devices are not listed there.


Logout and close the browser pointed at na04…

Open new browser and goto

After logging in, are you still redirected to na04 or another shard?