Hub Firmware Release Notes - 19.17

(David) #62

That is awesome news!

Does mode logic still have it process in the Cloud?

If I have a smart Lighting rule that is when mode is Sleep, will that be local or cloud?

(Zach Varberg) #63

The rule can run locally, but things that change the mode (like routines) still run in the cloud. So if your mode was home when the internet went out, all local automations would continue to execute as if the mode was home. However, if you are connected when your mode changes, that changed will be sent to the hub and rules will respect it.

(Steve White) #64

You can confirm this on your own in the IDE. You navigate to your location under the Locations tab then click on smartapps. You can see the execution location for each installed smartapp.


My new Samsung TV (UN75MU8000) is not able to connect to my SmartThings hub, but I can control it from my Samsung Connect app on my phone. I read in other various forums that this is a somewhat recent bug, and a SmartThings dev said that the ST team was reaching out to the Samsung Electronics department to get the issue fixed. Can I assume this update will fix the issue?

Frankly, the reason I opted for SmartThings over the competition was that I assumed it would have seamless control over my other Samsung devices…

(Lucky) #66

Do any of these added features translate into WeMo Dimmer support? Or the increased chances of a lab feature to support them?

(Weston T Turner) #67

Would you help me get as many of my devices as possible running locally if I PM you some screenshots of my device screen? Support didn’t seem very interested in helping when I asked them to do that with me—

I only have around 40 devices and really only 4-5 different device types (lots of ge zwave switches, inovelli zwave outlets, hue bulbs/ bridge, iris zigbee door sensors)

(Allan) #68

Sure. But in general the default DTH that they install as on the initial install is the “SmartThings” one and usually it runs local. You can always uninstall one, exclude it, and rediscover to see what it comes up with. For example GE Dimmers probably should just use the “Dimmer Switch” DTH, Iris Door Sensors try the “Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor” DTH, zigbee outlets try the “SmartPower Outlet”, etc. Your devices list should tell you if its running local or cloud.

Also keep in mind some just can’t run locally. Like my “Z-Wave Water Valve” currently…the Fortrezz one does work locally so I tried it but its output is the opposite of the Dome water valve I have so I can’t make it “close” when water is detected. And if I modify the Fortress DTH it then is custom and no longer works locally so I’m stuck until the generic is made to run locally.

Other then that use custom Smart Home Monitor rules and SmartLighting rules to have stuff run locally.

Can confirm that SmartLighting with Sunset/Sunrise run locally, all my routines are sunset to sunrise:

Turn on Outdoor Front Porch Light at sunset -10 min     Update     local
Turn on and set level of Kitchen Sink Light when motion starts     Update     local
Turn on and set level of Outdoor Garage Light when Garage Door Tilt Sensor opens     Update     local 


(Chris) #69

I still don‘t understand why local vs. cloud processing can‘t be solely made based on the functions the DTH or SmartApp utilized instead of a general „if your not from ST then you have to run in the cloud“.
I created a DTH for my TRVs that do nothing that needs Internet connectivity and only execute Zigbee commands to the devices directly. Why can‘t this be done locally? It doesn‘t make sense to me that the community is limited to only cloud processing. It would make community contributions much more useful if they could run locally.

(Gavin Melling) #70

That’s good to know. But I’ve got a Zigbee switch and some bulbs and the SmartApp via Smart Lighting is running in the cloud, is this because they’re custom device handlers?

(Michael) #72

The way local processing was implemented by SmartThings is they include the local processing SmartApps and Device Handlers in the hub firmware. In order to include another local device they have to push a firmware update. As a result the only items included in firmware are the ones created by SmartThings.

(Steve White) #73

That is correct. If any device in a SmartLighting rule is running a custom DTH the entire rule has to run in the cloud. When you break it down it makes sense. Since the custom DTH lives only in the cloud in order for any SmartLighting rule to be able to access and interact with that device the SmartLighting code must too must live in the cloud.

(Bob) #74

In the UK and my hub is now updated to 19.17.
Everything working so far.
Good job.

(Stephen Cook) #75

UK and still waiting

(Dave) #76

Updated (I’m UK resident)

No issues (apart from I had to restart the app to get favourites to display again).

Generic zwave dimmer still showing as cloud and not local execution.

(terence peace) #77

Nothing for me. In the UK

(RH) #78

I’m in Southern California and mine updated. Everything seems fine so far.

(Mario Fuchs) #79

Uk hub in Sweden just updated.


(Dave) #80

They’ve given a time slot from 3pm to midnight for the update. Don’t panic yet !!

(Joel W) #81

Are Beta tester Hubs with the correct version being updated also?

(Darell Craighead) #82

Okay, got the update… but want to know if Smart Lighting will work locally or not… here’s what I’m showing… strange the “app” says cloud, but the individual action shows local.