Hub Firmware Release Notes - 19.17


Also is there a reason the Fortrezz water valve runs locally but the generic “Z-Wave Water Valve” runs in the cloud? Usually the generic devices run locally but this one doesn’t.

hub firmware beta. the pre-release version of this firmware. give those sensors a bit to level out. mine dropped to 1% and then bounced back up to 100%.

We don’t have a specific timeline available but we are looking at this for a future firmware release.

I know this is a pain point for many users, but the hub firmware isn’t directly involved with the battery status and so this release won’t change this for better or worse. We sometimes include device firmware updates that change how the voltage is reported by the sensor but this release doesn’t include any such change.

Nope, not this time :slight_smile:

This update only applies to the SmartThings Hub V2.

The Fortrezz Water Valve DTH has just been around longer and so support was added for that to run locally when the Hub V2 first came out. I added a ticket for local support for the Z-Wave Water Valve to our backlog.


I’m I right in assuming that the ZigBee RGBW lamps, will only run locally if your using the “Stock” DH? Or doesn’t that matter? If it is, is it something that we can add to the DH?

I wonder if they added better support for Z-wave extenders made by Aeotec ?

Correct. No custom handlers run local.

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Is there a full list of current locally executable Device Handlers and SmartApp Automations available?

I saw only one kind of unofficial list and it’s outdated: FAQ: CONFIRMED: Local Processing - Working Device Handlers

Here are some device handlers that will run locally on Thursday.

Thanks! Does the “new” Zigbee RGB DH support ColorXY based devices (such us that the IKEA ones) as opposed to the most common Hue/Sat devices? Or should I still use my custom DH for it? (in which case, are there any plans to implement this, as this is also standard in the Zigbee Color cluster)


Can you please STOP automatically updating our hubs without our permission. I want an option to only do manual firmware updates. Once again you are updating my hub while I am away from home. This is unacceptable. Users should have an option to do updates when it is feasible to them and they can react in case something goes wrong.
If ST cannot offer a way for users to opt out of automatic updates, I will be forced to dump ST as my home automation system and move to a different solution.

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:rofl: I love it!

And what will that other solution be?


There are many solutions out there. That is not the point. The point is that a vendor updates your firmware without considering that something can go wrong and if the user is not home they can‘t even react to it or even switch things off manually when something is out of wack.
Just imagine you router vendor would do the same and your internet goes down while you are on vacation. Or in the case of ST, imagine a DH breaks that controls your security cameras and now you lose that security you installed for a reason.
Users should be able to update their firmware at their leisure and not when the vendor decides to release it.


Thanks, but the updated list of newly added Device Handlers is already in the first message of this topic. The list you mention was for the beta firmware, seems ST also added a couple Z-Wave DTHs after that.

What I am looking for is the complete list of all currently offline-capable Device Handlers and SmartApp Automations up to date. Strangely can’t find it anywhere.

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Its a cloud based device what are you expecting? The more people on different firmwares the cost of support goes up, and the running costs legacy servers etc.
Hue have allowed you to delay but its not long before they force you otherwise there official app wont let you do anything


Is that one solving the “ghost uuid” issue I had previously when my device IP address changed and a sendhubaction answer wasn’t received in the parse of the same instance but by the older and disappeared instance.

I guess what is expected is that, when the update happens are abroad and as usual half of the sensors will require to be manually reset to recover a consecutive offline, you could defer that to when you are back.
I also asked ST for a holiday setting so that the update could postpone till I am back. There is no point to automate your house if you have to be home constantly to enjoy the remote aspect of the convenience.
That happened to me last year when I was 11000km far from home when the december update came and screwed up several sensors so I couldn’t know anymore if my house was safe till I came back.

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I’m on the beta team not a single problem with 4 firmware updates in the last month


Me Too! :slight_smile:
Not had a single issue related to the firmware updates


I really hope this update fixes the fact my hub doesn’t control most of my devices anymore. I’ve reached out to support and they offered some helpful advice but when I did as requested, they ghosted me and it still doesn’t work.

Your platform worked so well and then for the last six months, I hear my wife complain daily. It used to be a random sensor or switch dropping off but now, well over half of my devices have failed.

Shame, such a great platform before an update that crippled it months ago. I really, really want it to work because the community and customization are great and I can deal with an issue here and there but this is the last chance for me.

Firmware updates have never been an issue for me either. I would much rather have an automatic update than to have to worry about remembering to install a manual update. The truth is that those who want this feature are likely power users who represent a fraction of a percent of the actual user base. Most people who buy ST or any smart home devices, routers included, don’t think about updates, security patches, etc. They just want to plug it in and have it work.

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