Hub Firmware Release Notes - 19.17

When are ST going to fix these problems?

@tpmanley are you joking?

Why mess with something that’s not broken? Why introduce a system bug? Before this firmware “upgrade” I’d never seen a device “not available” before, I’d never seen the red warning sign, now I have them next to 4/5 various Z-wave devices, some come back online for a few hours them go offline, 2 I can’t get back, tried power cycling the hub, Z-wave repair. Thanks very much @tpmanley!

The fact support haven’t replied says it all.

How do you know that something was not broken? Do you have some visibility into every SmartThings hub that I’m not aware of? Why are you blaming @tpmanley for this? He didn’t personally cause problems with your hub but he’s one of the people who can help. I can understand your frustration. I too have put up with Z-wave device problems on my system for a very long time, however making it personal with the staff serves no purpose.

The fact is, there have been Z-Wave issues with SmartThings and large to mid-sized systems for a very long time. I happen to have a general understanding of the underlying issue and know that it’s not yet considered to be fixed. Is this release better for everyone? Clearly not, but it improves stability to many. Is there more work to be done to stabilize Z-Wave across all networks? Absolutely.

I also know support is working on this. Z-Wave debugging has been enabled on my hub for a few days. I hope they’re able to capture some critical data that leads towards a more complete fix. In the meantime there’s not much any of us can do but let the smart people do their work.


turn off device health

I’d love to, and I’ve gone back and forth with support over issues with it, but there is still the bug in the SmartThings devices that make them show 100% battery all the time. I have 6 leak sensors and a shut off. 2 houses in my “newer” development out of 90 have had pipes burst from badly installed PEX fittings. I need to know if one goes offline so I’m stuck between keeping device health turned on to get these alerts when my sensors fail but also getting nuisance “offline” devices or turning it off and risking not noticing a water sensor is dead because the bug with the batteries.

Literally I’m stuck between two different SmartThings bugs but I have to side with the “lesser” bug and leave device health on. Annoyance is better then flooded house.

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Allan, search the forums for “Device Monitor” smart app. I use this app to notify me if any device does not report data for too long, or if battery level goes too low.

I disabled the ST Device Health “feature” a lady no time ago.


Hello to all. New guy here. Just installed my hub Sat and looking forward to being a contributing member to this forum.

I noticed my hub went offline last night for two minutes and was bothered by this. Just found this forum and this thread. I confirmed I do have ver 19.17. Could it have been that the firmware update was happening during those 2 minutes? Would I get a notice that my system did indeed do the firmware upgrade? Thanks!

You wouldn’t get a notice, but you could tell in the ide. But if you haven’t logged into that yet then I wouldn’t worry about it.

No notice needed: when your stuff get messed up, it means the hub got updated :joy:

Hi. You would receive an email a few days before to advise of a forthcoming update

I wouldn’t worry about it. If you log into the IDE ( try ) and click on My Hubs you can see the “Last Booted” date and time. As long as that isn’t constantly changing you’re fine…you probably just got the update.


He probably didn’t have a account when the emails were sent out…possible he just got the update without notice since its newly installed.

Just letting Zipit555 know what normal practice is so he knows what to expect in future :wink:

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New hubs will receive all updates within the first several minutes of bring the hub online for the first time. If the hub went offline sometime after that I would suggest that you open a ticket with support (especially if it happens again). There is one issue with symptoms similar to that (which can cover an umbrella of issues) for which a hotfix should be released on Monday. Emails are going out for that soon if you haven’t gotten one already. Hub Firmware Release Notes - 19.19

An offline notification would also occur if your internet connectivity was disrupted in the middle of the night. This does seem to occur on occation depending on the service provider. Often, a notification on my phone of my hub being offline is the first indication I get that my internet is out.

Just posted a possible bug in Smart Lighting. Not even possible bug…pretty positive its a bug. Wonder if you guys messed something up and made changes to Smart Lighting. It seems to have started happening with this update but it could have been there before also:

Now that I have read your post, I realize this has happened to me a couple of times.

Me too. In my case it happens at point of switchover from Night to Home mode. Lights didn’t switch off after preset time interval after having been triggered just before Home mode became active…

I also have an issue where lights don’t come on if a motion sensor is already seeing activity when Lux level drops to the point where lights should come on. They only come on in this case if activity stops then restarts. So in this scenario we are sat in the dark unless we stay motionless for a few minutes, then move again to create a new trigger on the sensor. The lights should come on at the Lux level if there is already motion on the sensor, not only when it sees new motion.

I am also having this issue when sunset/sunrise occur since the firmware update…

Thanks for the input so far. I didn’t get notice about the 19.17 update but did get notice about the upcoming 19.19. Starting to doubt an update was the culprit. As suggested, I logged in to the IDE and my hub had not been rebooted since first turning it on. It did shut down again a second night (again, only for 1-2 minutes) but not last night. Wonder if it’s Xfinity/Comast in the middle of the night with hiccup, although it sounds like I should have gotten notice if my internet went offline which I don’t think I did. Think what I will do is wait until after the update Monday and see if it keeps happening after that. Just trying to figure out if a 1-2 minute shutdown is normal and/or a big deal or not. Is there a better thread to post to if it keeps going offline in the middle of the night and it is not firmware update related? Still getting comfy with ST. :grinning:

If you contact ST support, they can help you troubleshoot this issue…

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