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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 19.17

(Tom Manley) #1

On Thursday, November 16, we will automatically update your SmartThings Hub V2 to the latest firmware (version 0.19.17). Your Hub will briefly go offline as it reboots and applies the update; most customers will experience less than one minute of downtime.

Release notes:

Add support for local execution of the following Device Type Handlers:

  • LAN Hue Bridge
  • LAN Hue Extended Color
  • LAN Hue Color
  • LAN Hue Color Temperature
  • LAN Hue Dimmable
  • ZigBee Switch
  • ZigBee Switch Power
  • ZigBee Dimmer
  • ZigBee Dimmer Power
  • ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb
  • ZigBee RGBW Bulb
  • ZigBee RGB Bulb
  • Z-Wave Switch Generic
  • Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic
  • Note: The Cree Bulb DTH may be runnable locally in the future

Add support for color and color temperature control in local automations created by Smart Lighting and Alert With Lights.

Allow a temperature offset range of -99° to 99° for locally running devices.

Track IP changes for LAN devices on the hub.

Bug fixes and performance improvements for Z-Wave.

Bug fixes for potential connection issues in large Z-Wave networks.

Firmware updates for most recent Samsung SmartThings Sensors which address the following:

  • Multi: No contact events are generated when there are lots of acceleration events
  • All: Factory reset is not clearing all data

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(Jeff) #2

Where do i check to make sure firmware was updated?

(Bob) #3

Hi @tpmanley
Is this a phased release gradually across the shards?
I assume we will get an email as per normal with the upgrade times.
Also 0.19? This seems to be going away from the existing numbering.



  1. see it in if you log in to you account, under your hub details
  2. see it in your mobile application if you tap on the ‘Hub is Online’ banner when you are in the ‘More’ view.


Can you give a more detailed explanation of what this means versus the assumption that’s in my head with regards to displaying temperature on devices?

(Jeff) #6

Thanks for the Answer Doug.

I see it in my Mobile App but not in Is there a way to add my hub to

(Rich L) #7

Super exciting stuff !!!

(Jimmy) #8

probably on the wrong shard. use instead

(Bob) #9

That address may be incorrect depending on what shard you are on.
When that link opens, choose locations then Home. It should now take you to your hub.
Look in the address bar for your shard address and save it to your favourites for future reference.

(Tom Manley) #10

The email will be going out shortly. We’ll be rolling the release out to all shards throughout the day.

I updated the title to be consistent with previous release notes. The version is actually 000.019.00017 but we frequently abbreviate it in different ways like 0.19, 19.17, 19.X, etc… We like to keep it confusing interesting.

Some device type handlers like the SmartSense Multi Sensor allow you to configure a temperature offset if the temperature value reported by the device is a little bit off. The device type handler doesn’t enforce a range for that offset but the 0.18.22 hub firmware only allowed an offset of as low as -9°. Some people had larger negative offsets which weren’t supported in that hub firmware.

(Bob) #11

Thanks @tpmanley for the clarification.

(Dave) #12

Thanks Tom for the heads up on this release.

What chance of the Aeotec multi sensor 6 being able to run locally in the near future?

Will battery status in sensors be more reliable in this release?


(Mark) #13

Wow, the ST folks have been busy!


:joy: I told Robin earlier that I haven’t seen so much activity from the community in a single day unless it was for some major issue affecting SmartThings.

(Jimmy) #15

it seems now that the fancy new cloud is setup, we get fun stuff! Although, that’s probably different resources.

(Kebel87) #16

Thanks for your hard work!

Please, pretty please, don’t kill our Xiaomi devices this time :confused:


Does this also impact the new ADT Hub?

(Jimmy) #18

Mine have stayed working on the beta. I think I’ve added some Aqara water sensors while on it, too.


Kinda newbie here, by beta you mean your published DH or some beta ST hub firmware?

As I said in another thread my aquara moisture sensor is eatin batteries like mad, at 1% for almost 3 days

(Mario) #20

I hope it fixes the issue whereas the Echo has no clue what’s going on and randomly thinks device doesn’t exist.
(But works fine in ST.)