Hub Firmware Release Notes - 18.18

Thanks Tom

When I started having flakey ZigBee issues (fan controller mostly) I removed all GE Links, permanently. Also, two OSRAM GardenSpot Lightify strings; but I’d really like to bring these back. A couple of thoughts/questions:

Might there be a firmware update that helps these repeat?

Alternatively, any way to bring them online and force-exclude them from participating as a repeater in the mesh? (I tried unplugging them and rebuilding the mesh, but after a while they appeared and some devices insist on going way out of their way to use them as a repeater :mask:.)


My ST hub is not updating battery status. This has been the case for around 3 weeks.

My Aeotec panic button went flat earlier this week (but still showing 40% battery). Changed the battery and it continues to show 40% !!

I bought a new ST motion sensor 5 weeks ago and it has shown full battery for the duration.

Likewise, another ST motion sensor and ST multi sensor continue to show same battery power remaining as weeks ago.

Is this related to latest firmware? Are others also affected?


Similar issues to your problem on this link:

Thanks Ricci. Let’s hope there’s a fix on its way.


Make sure you open a ticket with support about it. The more complaints, the more chance of getting a fix.

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Will do without further delay :wink: