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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 18.18

Are you showing 18.21 in the hub?
reason I’m asking as I have had an email saying it has been done, and my hub says updates at 7:40pm today but it is still showing 18.20.

Mine’s showing 18.21 in the IDE interface (the app doesn’t always immediately display latest firmware version)

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Yeah. Realised that. IDE is the same.

The pain is back again. :wink:
I’ve had the email saying my hub has been done upgraded.In the IDE my hub says it updated at 7:40pm today but it is still showing 18.20.
Can you check this has actually been done?
I can PM my details if you wish.

This is the worst update I ever experienced.

My HUB was updated tooday to 18.21 and now my z-wave network bahaves erratically.

A day or two ago HUB stopped reacting to commands from Fibaro Keyfob. The keyfob was confirming that HUB received the command and responded (single green blink) but no reaction from the platform, nothing in logs, nothing sent to DTH. I restarted the HUB and it all went back to normal.

Tooday the same happened after I got updated suddenly to 18.21 but this time my z-wave network was completely gone. Rebooted, nothing. Z-wave State: Functional but log says otherwise:

Err 101: ZW module not responding

Keyfob reporting no communication with the HUB (series of yellow flashes ( retransmitting ) followed by red flash)

Went to utilities and clicked “Enable Z-Wave Module”. Z-wave State changed to Not functional but the network is back and working.

This is firmware is seriously borked :smiley: pls fix

Try removing the InfluxDB SmartApp - this SmartApp absolutely hammers the cloud and causes all sorts of problems with rate limiting and lost events. Likely the reason your state is not staying in sync.


Any joy Bob?

Christ… These updates, I thought after restarting my hub with the last one we finally got to a stable state. I thought I saw my hub go blue… I check the notes and I see it’s updated to 18.21. Well, now I have lights not turning on and two sensors offline in direct line of sight to the hub… So buggy… And before you say I have signed up to the Beta testing to provide feedback but I never got a chance to join so I am in the “stable” channel…

Thanks for the answer but it’s not an acceptable solution for me.
I had no issue prior to 18.18. And while I understand your concerns about hammering the cloud I don’t think that is so much an issue with this app as it is with SmartThings infrastructure.

Rate limiting is there to limit the apps that are executing to much so if need be it should limit the InfluxDB SmartApp. When working correctly it shouldn’t prevent z-wave events from reaching the DTH (which is the main issue here).

There are not many options for collecting and graphing the data. If I remember correctly ST promised something like that but never delivered. InfluxDB SmartApp is only acceptable solution to this right now and deleting it is not an option for me.

That has been from the beginning. I was losing locks switches and garage door openers. .20 made it little better as it’s only happened once since in it. Device health not sure if they fixed it as I know that is still was screwed as of a day ago. I enable it and I lose most zwave in the app as offline but if I turn it off I can control them just fine. Relayed all to so they know.

The problem with the InfluxDB SmartApp is that it opens up a huge number of connections through the Hub itself, which all must go through a single “pipe” that is shared with other event types. There’s not a priority scheme right now that lets us know that the InfluxDB traffic is less important than other traffic and therefore it interferes with important events.

I agree, a local or remote graphing of data would be a useful feature and is indeed something we’re interested in doing. But that isn’t currently roadmapped against other features so I don’t know when or if that will happen.

In the meantime, my suggestion to prevent the issues you’re seeing is still to disable the InfluxDB SmartApp. Barring that, investigating some of the other logging solutions elsewhere in the community might not be a bad idea.


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I investigated other solutions and none except InfluxDB + SmartApp + Grafana met my expectations.

But right now I’m experiencing z-wave connection issues even before the data hits any ethernet connection.

Fibaro Keyfob indicates communication status with an LED when sending a z-wave command. Green means it was confirmed received by the HUB. I never had issues before (if I was in range) but after 18.18 from time to time the remote indicates issues with communication (yellow led - retransmitting) even 2m from the HUB. The hub should acknowledge every z-wave command on z-wave protocol level, no ethernet connection involved so even if Influx SmartApp is partially responsible it’s definitely not the whole story.

Looks like one of the sensors dropped offline before the update and one dropped off after so I don’t think they’re related. Can you check the batteries on those? Support would also be happy to look into this as well.

I paired some Xiaomi motion sensors that I use for lighting and they dropped off.
Hub Updated to 18.21 at 21:45.
Re-paired a couple that I needed through the night.
These stayed paired and still are 14 hours later.
Looked at my humidity/Temp sensors and contact sensors and they came online between 1 and 2 AM with no interaction from me.
Also a couple of motion sensors started working at around the same time as well.
3 sensors needed actions from me this morning but have successfully come online.
I would say that reverting the Zigbee stack to as it was in 17. xx has solved the issue.
Well done ST for doing this.
This has raised several questions from me though which I’m sure you are asking yourselves internally. :wink:
EDIT: Forgot to mention that my Hue Motion Sensor is also behaving itself now.

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Glad you eventually got the update Bob! :grin:

Yeah bet there are a few questions however as the Xiaomi sensors are not supported I would not think they are part of their regression testing. Begs to differ about the other issues though of course.

I am not going to get too comfortable though as I would think that the update will come round again once the other issues are resolved. Just going to be prepared with a few Xiaomi Outlets ready to route them through. Although saying that for all we know any fixes they carry out to the zigbee radio may keep us in the same position we are in now anyway. Fingers and all limbs crossed for when the time comes :grin:

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I’m still on 20 is 20 the same as the newest update? Not complaining as long as I don’t use device health which if worked I loved it as it told me of issues I might not of known. But at least my devices seem to be good so far.

I think everyone should be on .21 now. I would email support to check.

I’m in the beta and still rocking 18.20. No complaints other than ST sensor battery reporting…

Ok me too. But I haven’t had a battery issue since on .20. weird lol