Hub Firmware Release Notes - 17.12/17.13/17.14

Could you guys share your roadmap with us? Something as simple as a Trello board will suffice

Taking this to a PM[quote=“Jamieboy05, post:321, topic:83722”]
Yes… as stated in the first post. It’s that IP port 8000. All nodes in my network have a class c static ip…

Let’s take this to a PM session (already started) so that we don’t clutter this thread. Thanks!

The Trello board (or similar setup) is a really cool idea. Obviously not a decision I can make on my own, but something I personally would support wholeheartedly.

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I would like to throw support in for this although I would be highly suspect that the “higher ups” would allow it. Corporations usually keep these things very close to their chest.

A setup like this could even work for bug reports and feature requests from users.

After update im not able to turn on/off zigbee osram Lightify a19 bulbs 2 total.

Due to the offline time of the update some ZigBee devices end up changing network topology which can be a cause of problems (or, theoretically, improvement – it’s a change). Please try to rejoin the device to see if this helps resolve the issue. OSRAM bulbs in particular do not always do a great job of implementing ZigBee (this is one of the devices for which there are firmware updates available, which can help in some cases).

See for instructions on how to reset the bulb. Resetting the bulb helps it rediscover routes as required.

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@nastevens @posborne Hey guys, is the cloud dead? Nothing works right now!!! Core Pistons dead, IDE no live logging, TTS dead, whats going on?

From email:

Scheduled events for some North American users are currently not processing which may result in missed events. Our engineers are actively investigating.
Apr 13, 18:35 EDT

and …

Of course I get the email about 30 seconds ago, thanks I appreciate. And I even checked the status before I made the post. They need to speed that stuff up, the outage has been going on since 5pm, 2 hours later the make the announcement, geez!


I have yet to receive an email notifying of the current outage.

Glad I checked here. Was about to start popping batteries off my sensors.

Why is it that my smart home system depends on a off-site service in order to operate while i"m connected directly to my wifi network - the same network that my hub is connected to? I find it disturbing that every time I press a button on my SmartThings app, it has to travel the ether of the internet to get to my hub. They should be talking directly to each other.

This is the second outage in less than a week. We’re violating the rule of five 9’s here ST.

Me neither, Is there a subscription I need to sign up for in order to get outage emails? I get the normal patch window notifications but I’ve never received one for an unplanned outage.

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I am subscribed to get these emails but it never came out.

I am also have a ton of issue right now. Light are off and shades are open!

Something bigger than the current status update is going on:

5:34:26 PM: error physicalgraph.api.StatusCodeException: Invalid http status code returned: 503 @ line 376

I get an error in live logging when trying to disarm my SHM. ActionTiles was able to manually change my mode to Home and alarm to disarmed, but I can’t get the SmartThings app SHM to visually change to disarmed, and routines and echo both failed to disarm or change modes

I got that 503 error also when I tried to delete a device from the IDE.

Yes, I spent an hour taking out batteries and excluding/including before I was aware of the outage.

I didn’t spend hours this time, but have done that before. Spent about 30 minutes figuring out what was up with all my automations…

Everything messed up. Lights turning on and off by themselves. Trying to sleep and then the lights come on. Great…

Mine is 100% dead right now. Nothing is working and I can’t even log in. WTF?!?!?

Yeah, IDE is dead, I can’t login either, I could earlier but nothing now, all automation is totally dead. It took me 10 minutes to realize that I could at least use the switch on the wall to turn the lights on.

Go figure a switch to turn the lights on, when did the come up with that, lol!!!

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I was in the middle up finishing up a new DH, lost a little but of work. Not a huge deal though.