Hub Firmware Release Notes - 16.13 - V2

You will have to enable ZigBee OTA updates via the IDE (under My Hubs->View Utilities).

The “Check Now” took a while to update the firmware so don’t expect it to be instant.

My gardenspots are currently on Current Version: 0x01020492

Well looks like my CoRE pistons are running but not doing a thing. Hesitant to talk to support because I always get the run around about community apps. Tried to rebuild my pistons but no dice, tried to change the timer too. Anyone having similar issues with pistons running but not doing anything?

Apparently there is no fix for device communications in this release. Last night the lag was horrible, for example a simple smart app to turn a closet light on when the door opens took almost a full minute! Routines are still missing quite often too.

Z-Wave rebuild is failing a high percentage of devices that were previously working. Ugh.

Oh well there’s always the next update.

that’s a platform problem, not a hub/firmware issue…

Is there a thread discussing this? I raised a support call and was told no one else is seeing these issues.

currently?, no idea…, previously and intermittently there are hundreds of them.
For me device/event delays have gotten worse over the past week to two weeks.
I’m so used to it, I don’t send tickets in…

Yeah, I’m starting to put up with a lot more of these non-firing pistons and rules than I used to now. As my system has grown larger it’s gotten more and more unreliable. Basically, the more money I’m spending on the smart-home the less satisfied I’m becoming.

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Yep it’s enabled and it worked on my other two osram (strip and bulb) just the gardenspots haven’t updated. and are still showing

Current Version: 0x01020205
Last Updated: N/A
Last Checked: 2016-10-14 5:18 PM EDT - Check Now

I’ll give it a day and see what changes (and maybe a few power cycles)


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same here :disappointed:

I did notice that when watching the logs not all the “Check Now” clicks made it do anything and mine updated sometime over night so not exactly sure how long it took to do its thing.

Bump. I did not believe that hue bulbs could be connected directly to the hub. I have a hue bridge, so it doesn’t matter, but I’d very grateful to know how they are added/discovered.

All my ZigBee devices are offline since update, zwave seems fine though.

I was hopeful since I did uncover a Zigbee command timing issue which I was working with support on a few weeks ago.


Oh you are kidding?!

Wow, we really are second class citizens for SmartThings these days. This is pretty disappointing. Is there any logical reason for it AND any idea of when it will be available in the UK?


Zigbee HA(USA) vs Zigbee LL(EU). Literal technical differences.


Agreed - I have a flaky Osram bulb that needs restarting every 24~48 hours (it just stops responding) - I was hoping that a firmware update would improve things.
@slagle Are there any actual plans to implement EU Osram firmware updates?

Surely the ST hub is just passing across Osram’s firmware, so the technical difference shouldn’t really matter (i.e. the ST hub doesn’t care what’s in the firmware update) - just download the correct firmware for the region and then patch it in exactly the same way. No?

What issue were you having? I’m still having problems with a get on one particular device (Zooz zen22 dimmer) and I’m not sure if it’s the hub or the device. I posted about it in the developer section but haven’t heard from anyone (OutofBounds on a get

Get a OSRAM hub for firmware updates. I did and now its laying in a box since I don’t need it anymore.

It was a specific sequence of characters sent from a dth to a lan device.

It doesn’t say ‘US only’ next to the Hue bulbs, so I’m guessing they could be update-able in the UK - for £14.95 I’m going to give one a go - can’t be any worse than the Osram one…