Hub Firmware Release Notes 08/15/16 (Hub V2) - 15.3

Update: it seems like the ‘unreachable’ issue has been corrected. All my automations involving the GE bulbs are running fine tonight. Very interesting to say the least…

This one bulb that caught my attention because wasn’t taking any actions on Monday night, is now following ST automation. Strange, but I am happy…


I’ve noticed that all of the exceptions in my logs have an @ line number at the end. This used to happen occasionally, if I was lucky. Now I see them all the time. Is this new or was I just missing them before? I seem to remember wishing the exception always included the line number.

There was a bug that caused line numbers to not appear - this was fixed with a recent cloud deployment. You can also now log an exception which will print out the line number where it occurred (Was requested on the dev Slack)



Anybody encountered this problem after the update? Or any suggestion of fixing this? Thanks.

Similar issue for me. Any recent improvements for you @Dlee ?

I figured out the official Enhanced Auto lock door smartapp was broken and unlocking 2 of 4 z-wave locks after the hub update. Device status issue I think since that app forces you to use the unlock when open function. Setting unlock when open timer timer to 9999 didn’t prevent from unlocking after Goodnight or Goodbye routines locked up even though the zigbee smart sense multis reported status as closed. The other two locks not using SS Multi sensors for open/close did not have this bug.

Switching to the old “Lock it after awhile” smartapp fixed my locks problem. But still have fail issues and delays with lights attached to certain zigbee motion sensors.

My hub went INACTIVE as well on August 15th. I’ve been out of town so only noticed it a couple of days ago. After trying various things, I finally contacted support today. They ultimately asked me to temporarily unplug my Phillips Hue bridge - and suddenly my SmartThings Hub came fully back online.

They said:

“There’s a Hue Bridge connected to your SmartThings. While normally that is not a problem, our engineers have identified that as the cause of Hubs unable to connect. Try disconnecting the Hue bridge from your network briefly, and see if your Hub comes back online. If that fixes it, then we’ll let you know the moment our engineering team has this resolved and the Bridge can be used again in SmartThings.
I see lots of Hue bulbs on your account, and I understand the disconnect is frustrating. Please bear with us as we work to fix the Hue integration. I am very sorry for the breakage.”

When I responded back asking for an ETA on the fix, I was told:

“We do not currently have an ETA on a fix for the Hue Bridge issue, however it is one of our top priorities so it should be resolved soon. We have gone ahead and attached your support request to the open ticket we have investigating this and will follow up with you once we’ve confirmed it has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.”

Just wanted to share here in case someone else has the same issue…

All Systems Operational

So I don’t know if it was this update, or another one in the past couple of days … but … suddenly within the past 24 hours all of my Smart Lights automation turns on all my Hue bulbs … green.

What I had been using in the past - for months, working just fine - was the “Turn On & Set Color” option in some of my basic Smart Lights automation and the “Soft White - Default” option … such as “Turn on Family Room lights 30 minutes before sunset.”

Yesterday, while I was traveling from work - I got a text from the wife “Hey, why is the light over the fireplace green? Does that mean something?” I do use that single bulb in the house to indicate certain conditions - i.e.: a water sensor leak will turn it blue - in case no one is paying attention to their smartphones. But I didn’t have a rule to set it to green. I told her I’d look at it when I came home.

When I came home, every single hue bulb in the house was green. And every one was triggered with that same Smart Lights recipe - turn on & set color, choosing soft white-default as the color choice. Yet, when I look at the events for any bulb - they are all triggering color #00Ff56 … which is most definitely green.

Likewise, my home office bulbs - which I had set to turn on to Hue’s “concentrate” color when motion is detected, are off as well … they are more bluish now. I can use the hue app to set the “Concentrate” color for the office … and then step in … and see it visibly change.

This is fixable by rebuilding all of my SmartApps to just do a turn on (or turn on and set level) but that kinda defeats what I was aiming for.

So – did SmartThings change the color defaults in the most recent update?


This is being discussed in detail here.

Phantom Color Ghosts - Hue Just Went Bat Crazy

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Believe it or not I asked myself the same question. Was planning on setting bulbs green when the cell phone is fully charged. And used to have an instance for bulbs to turn green when the washer finished its cycle. I knew that neither my phone was charging nor my wife was washing clothes so after looking around in my set up to discover which app turned my lights green, I stumbled on the thread that @bamarayne posted above and then I was fine, it wasn’t me. The issue seems to have been fixed. I haven’t seen green today. Maybe it only comes out at night. Darn aliens!

these are really cool ideas. what app/service are you using to send the “phone fully charged” event?

Been using a custom version of Notify Me With Hue app, which works pretty well for timed events. It also resets the bulbs to previous state, so the lights don’t stay green all day, for example. I did start migrating some of the light notifications back to custom SHM instances, now that Batman @slagle nagged the SHM engineers to death - because he got tired of me nagging him - to re-enable notifications with colored lights.

As for determining when the phone is charged, I use a power meter, a custom app, which flips a uDTH that triggers a custom instance in SHM.

Alternatively, one can use a piston in CoRE to do it all, but I like to complicate my existence.

Hot fix for the hue issue going out now.


Release complete

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What was it? Hue angle/percentage confusion?

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Here’s the change to work around the problem by @Lars: . There was some code for doing additional color calculations that was behaving poorly (obviously) which has been disabled for the time being.

As far as the users experiencing a hub disconnect (@jcalex22 @TheFuzz4 @smarties @Bryan_Fleming …), we have put together a hotfix V2 firmware RC that will be deployed for users that have opted in early next week. If you want to be part of that pool, be sure to let support know ASAP. We were able to reproduce a problem with similar symptoms and put together a few fixes for problems we found in 15.3, but we’re looking to expand our testing to verify that the fix also works for you guys/gals as well before pushing the change to everyone.


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I started having my smartthings freeze yesterday. It’s happened twice now (once yesterday, once today…)

Hub is pingable but shows as inactive. event log shows this -

Date	Source	Type	Name	Value	User	Displayed Text
2016-09-14 7:53:45.443 AM PDT
22 minutes ago	HUB		activity	inactive		Your SmartThings Hub at Sunset Home is now inactive. Please check your internet connection.
2016-09-14 7:53:45.429 AM PDT
22 minutes ago	HUB		hubStatus	inactive		Your SmartThings Hub at Sunset Home is now inactive. Please check your internet connection.
2016-09-14 7:48:51.012 AM PDT
27 minutes ago	HUB		hubStatus	disconnected		Your SmartThings Hub at Sunset Home is now disconnected. Please check your internet connection.
2016-09-14 7:46:33.319 AM PDT
29 minutes ago	HUB		activity	active		Your SmartThings Hub at Sunset Home is now active.
2016-09-14 7:46:33.315 AM PDT
29 minutes ago	HUB		hubStatus	active		Your SmartThings Hub at Sunset Home is now active.
2016-09-14 7:46:25.099 AM PDT
29 minutes ago	HUB		hubStatus	disconnected		Your SmartThings Hub at Sunset Home is now disconnected. Please check your internet connection.
2016-09-14 7:45:25.371 AM PDT
30 minutes ago	HUB		hubStatus	zw_radio_on		
2016-09-14 7:45:25.366 AM PDT
30 minutes ago	HUB		hubStatus	zb_radio_on		
2016-09-14 7:45:25.361 AM PDT
30 minutes ago	HUB		hubInfo	hardwareID:000D, version:9, m...		hardwareID:000D, version:9, mac:D0:52:A8:72:95:ED, localip:, localSrvPortTCP:39500, localSrvPortUDP:0, zigbeeFWMa...
2016-09-14 7:45:25.356 AM PDT
30 minutes ago	HUB	ENTITY_UPDATE	HubUpdated	

Any fix or ideas? frustrating to say the least… Yesterday when it happened I had to pull the batteries and power cable to restart it… Difficult as the hub is on the roof of my garage (requiring ladder/etc…)

I see the 15.8 as a hotfix for causing reboots - but my hub isn’t rebooting, just going offline (but still pingable…)