Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.30.5

Why do my older GE switches with air gap only keep getting disconnected from zwave network requiring air gap switched to be cycled.
Also my z-wave Honeywell thermostats keep dropping off zwave network.
What is wrong with the hub zwave stack?

It was working Saturday. Did not look Sunday. I have 131 devices and see nothing. …what do you know they just showed up over the last hour

I have the EXACT same problem. Support suggested I delete and reinstall the app. I’m not doing that.

Hi @Nezmo and @mckenph, something funky has been going on, but not exactly sure what…

I’ve been keeping up with this today as well:

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Not here … still broke.

If I ever get to the point where I have delete every device, I’m going to a different platform. :frowning:


Can’t be sure it’s related to the firmware, but starting with the 0.30.3 firmware update (12May) I started having zigbee devices go offline. Initially didn’t think much of it, was able to re-pair the devices and they worked again. But then devices started slowly falling offline again. Was hoping this most recent firmware would fix the issue, but no such luck.

I tried to rebuild neighbor tables by unplugging the hub for an hour, and then plugging it back in a waiting a day. I also checked to make sure my zigbee channel hadn’t somehow changed such that it was overlapping with my wifi. The zigbee devices falling off the network are a mix of device types, some using stock DTH’s and some using custom DTH’s. The only zigbee devices I haven’t had issues with are my bulbs.

Anyone else having similar issues? I’m starting to grow weary of re-paring devices every day. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @MinerJason,

I have close to 250 zigbee devices, and the only things I had were several zigbee devices with a HUB_DISCONNECTED status. No matter how many hub restarts I did, it never went away until I lost Internet a few days later. When the hub reconnected those devices went back to being normal. I also recall seeing a few devices perform a rejoin, but they came back fine and haven’t had any issues since.

Thanks for the reply. Going through my logs for the last few days I’m seeing my hub has been going offline somewhat regularly, and it seems to coincide with some of the devices falling off. Some of my ~90 zigbee devices are Xiaomi/Aqara, and I’m used to those not automatically performing a rejoin. Not used to my Visonic contact sensors, Iris motion sensors, Tradfri plugs, or other more standard zigbee sensors failing to re-join though.

Yikes, and those Iris/IKEA/Visonic devices are usually pretty stable.

so far so good after hard resetting the hub. devices staying connected and automations responding well.

have added back a little over 1/3rd of 300 devices.

i wish there was a way to take a ‘snapshot image’ of connected devices so if the hub had to be hard reset that the ‘snapshot image’ could be rolled back to. there might be on the backend?

just noticed that the hub went offline (blue light) for about 2-3 minutes. internet stayed on, so might have been a hiccup on the backend.

after the hub reconnected (green light) when excluding a z-wave device the hub light now quick flashes 3 times, then pauses, and repeats.

Double flash and pause is the normal LED pattern for excluding.

while i have mainly been adding in zigbee devices i just tried to add back in a couple of the z-wave plus fibraro motion ‘eye balls’, but they wont pair. i excluded them a couple of times each, but not happening. triple tap B button inside and blue eye lights up for about 1 minute.

using custom device handlers or ST stock device handlers? if custom, there is a known issue where they can become stale. Open the DTH in IDE and Publish for Me. Then exclude and try to pair again.

just the stock for now (and briefly before the hub hard reset)

Currently looking into this issue. As John notes though, it is completely unrelated to a hub firmware release.

EDIT: A change was rolled back to correct this issue.


not sure if it makes a difference or not but i also tried pairing a regular z-wave (not z-wave plus) fibraro motion (eye ball) but that didnt pair either.

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