Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.24.11

(Steve White) #449

This is Samsung at its core; pushing poorly designed products with minimal support. There’s no excuse to close a ticket without at least an explanation why it’s being closed, even if the issue is not or cannot be resolved.

Has any staffer posted anywhere on the forum recently? I haven’t noticed much staff engagement in the few weeks I’ve back back reading the forum. Thats quite a reversal from just a year ago. I don’t like it the direction where things are headed here.

Edit: Just checked the last post times for a few staffers who used to frequent the forum… You be the judge…

@tpmanley, November 2nd
@jody.albritton, November 1st
@Kianoosh_Karami, October 18th
@Zach_Varberg, October 12th

(Bob) #450

I don’t think it’s my place to advise people what to do. Everybodies needs are different.
BUT looking at the above response I would definitely recommend that people look into Hubitat.
New updates are taken when YOU want them and not TOLD when you are going to get it.
If an update trashes your system, you simply role it back at your convenience.
At least this way the people on here who are having issues can resolve them.
Oh, and BTW everything runs locally.
It is in its infancy but its getting there fast.

(Jeff Dunko) #451

Things have improved. Appears the comment yesterday this could be related to a roll out of V3 and a mass influx of users attaching to ST cloud accounts could have disrupted ALL users. So coincidence they rolled out 24/11 at the same time.

SmartThings - maybe next dime you don’t do a product launch and firmware update at the same time. If it’s true your cloud capacity couldn’t handle at least we wouldn’t have blamed the code release. Just poor support.

(John) #452

While I know this is meaningless to those having issues, but I have a large setup with nothing more than a random lag. I had no major issues with the beta and 24.11 has worked as well or better than any other update. Maybe it was the v3 launch. Who knows.

(Realy Living Dream) #453

Lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl:
That’s as good as reply to me that it was non-connected Lyric battery powered ( non-repeating) thermostat that caused all the 24.11 ZW issues. I use it with pellet stove. When I replied the thermostat had been offline since March so unlikely the cause, my ticket was also marked as resolved.
I’ve still got 1 GE fan controller, 2 ge light switches, ge outlet & a Zooz outlet I can’t get back online regardless of what I do.

(John C) #454

Perhaps they’ve been told not to. The need for the “excitement” of the startup environment has passed. Management has changed. Many early staffers, full of enthusiasm, have moved on.

Those that are left are tasked with supporting something they’re still learning, stretching to learn without breaking anything, AND satisfying their new leaders.

The individual players probably want to do what they can to advance the product—but with fewer players, new “products” to move out, and less autonomy.

The forum you know & love is perhaps so far down in the noise it isn’t even being heard…

Sigh :pensive:

(Jody) #455

@johnconstantelo I would re-open the ticket and ask for explanation. @SteveWhite the community is not meant to be a support channel, rather it is a place for ST users to share knowledge and experiences. A lot of ST staff do frequent the forums. We did just have a large developer event which took attention away for some of us. I am still very much a user of the product and do visit the community quite frequently even if my posting rate has dropped.


I did that as soon as I saw it was closed, and i got a reply back within a couple days explaining that is was rolled into another ticket, and since no reply was received by me (never knew it was combined or notified), it was closed with no explanation.

The part I don’t understand by your support desk is why did the ticket for my zwave devices roll into a ticket for my siren and SHM question when they were completely not related? Makes zero sense to me.

Additionally, neither ticket has any comment or message about them being merged.

None the less, things have improved, and I’m in a monitoring and watching state vs. running around fixing devices like I was when 24.11 was still in beta and then released to production.

(SmartThings) #457

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