Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.24.11

I too am now considering Hubitat. The only reason I am considering Hubitat , is because I cannot handle spending 5 dollars every week for a new 2450 battery.

Multiplied by 5, which is the number of ST sensors that continue to kill by battery life after the firmware update. Some of those sensors are on their second battery in a week

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My advice on the ST branded sensors… throw them away and use the money to buy Iris Sensors… They’ve never been anything but a problem.


Iris sensors are now hard to come by as iris is being discontinued

Where’s that news coming from?

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I haven’t heard that… my local Lowe’s still has them in stock.

I can’t remember…ohh a Lowe’s sales associate. Take it for what it’s worth

The associate was apparently right! Caught me by surprise. :astonished:


Wait, it’s not a glitch??? You mean the update drains the batteries on any sensor that gets updated? I was hoping they weren’t really dead, dam they’re expensive

Thank God I found Hubitat, I’m slowly moving over and DONE waiting for “more local control” and putting up with forced updates


Is this normal that no ST-staff has yet made a single comment to acknowledge the more-than-obvious-now botched firmware update for the motion sensors?


Got to work this AM, checked the IDE, and sure enough 2 more zwave devices dead in the water and offline.

This is getting old, and yes it has been pretty quiet on the ST front and anyone from there participating in this discussion.


Totally agree on that point of buying Iris sensors. Esp if you are wanting or am picky about zigbee vrs zwave. Only times I buy ST sensors now is when the ‘fancy’ sensors go dirt cheap. The multipurpose is nice for its tilting and if it goes on dirt cheap sale I’ll buy another. Same with the water sensor. Just because I’ve not tried any others. But the open/close and motion sensors are great, and usually can be had on the cheap during sales. Another great reason to go to Iris for open/close and motion, both take cr2 batteries. Not that they are cheaper or last longer…at least they take the same battery. ST sensors are all over the place with cr2450 or AAAA or whatever else. My battery storage spot is rife with like 5 ‘unique’ batteries now which suck.

As for the comment about is this normal that ST goes quiet. Yup…release an ‘update’ and maybe reply once or twice then go radio silent for easily weeks. Dont know if its ‘maybe they will go away’…or if its ‘lets go heads down and fix’…or what. But its very common. At this point, I’ve given up on the batteries. Until the device quits working all together I’m just going to let the batteries complain. I’ve got two cr2450’s sitting here on my desk at 2.95 volts that ST said was 1%. So just going to wait for things to go belly up.


I agree about needed different kinds of batteries is annoying. I never knew that there were “AAAA” and how many different coin batteries there are.

I purchase batteries and just blindly replace when they get low.

There is a solution for this, you can run all of your devices and automations on Hubitat and use an app called Other Hub to do a 2-way sync to virtual devices on ST hub. Those virtual devices can be controlled by Google Assistant. Your ST hub does need to stay on, but it’s just to act as a link to GA until the official HE/GA integrations gets approved.


I’m not going to let this topic close in three days until someone from ST says something about this cluster cluck of a firmware release.

I ran a zwave repair, and immediately zwave devices started failing. Looking at the IDE shows this:

for EVERY zwave device I have (zwave plus and non plus).

@Kianoosh_Karami, how do you explain that?!


Not to mention the Cree bulb issue (who knows if it’s hub FW, Cree FW or something else), and Zigbee sensors refusing to stay connected.

I’m with you - need to keep this thread alive and on top.

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Awesome! Thanks a lot for the tip, will give this a try for sure when I get mine delivered…

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Good luck! If you have a lot of automations using webCoRE or other smartapps in ST, you can replace the physical devices in the apps with the virtual devices created by Other Hub and leave your automations running on ST while you work on moving them over as well. I did this, and my migration was pretty seamless.

My process looked like this:

  1. Reset device (this leaves the device listed in ST, but resets the physical device so it can be paired to a different hub)
  2. Pair device to HE
  3. Add device to Other Hub app (which replicated a virtual device to ST)
  4. Replace physical device with virtual device in all ST smartapps and automations
  5. Force delete physical device from ST
  6. Later on, re-created automations from ST on HE hub, then removed ST smartapps

I am not sure that this is not an ongoing problem that predates this firmware.

Or is caused by cloud problems.

Occasionally a device for me shows offline.

In the iOS SmartThings app I go In and turn the device on and off. Then SmartThings shows the device as online and available in the app.

Perhaps we are victims of a business decision to stop testing and supporting updates for certain older devices, DTHs, or use cases with many devices. They ain’t making money off us and will ignore the rants until we go away. It’s common Samsung practice to encourage upgrades to newer products or cut off older services to cut their losses for failed programs like SmartThings.

In fact, just today Samsung was fined $5M for degrading mobile phone performance to force customers to buy new phones (link

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I’ve been having what can best be described as scene weirdness since last Friday… Don’t know if it is related to firmware but the timing is sure coincidental.