Hub Firmware Beta Group | Local scene execution is ready for testing

Jimmy im thinking you’ll neea button backed with a local DTH or driver as the trigger to test it.

The feature will improve performance and reduce latency when performing 1 or more actions in a scene. In order to test this feature, you could create a scene to turn on multiple lights and then observe a smaller delay between each action.

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Perhaps, for now, a Smart Lighting routine triggered by time or a local sensor?

Yes, I know, Smart Lighting is going away someday. But that day has not arrived. Neither has the ability for Routines to properly do a motion sensor controlled light in a single Routine.

This is actually a good point: will local scenes work with local Groovy SmartApps like SmartLighting or only local Rules API automations like routines? (I would guess only the latter since it old va new architecture).

Yeah, once phase 2 comes around where local sc see work with local Rules API/routines. In the meantime, it looks like the only true way to test it is loose observations.

Which is fine, it’s a phased beta rollout. Was just making sure there wasn’t another way.

Hi Jerry @nett checking in to see if the second phase of local scenes is implemented yet…

I just opened ST from my Samsung TV and saw small house icon in my scene buttons. Does that mean they are run locally?

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Yes, local routines with scenes will be available in one of the upcoming beta releases.


The SmartThings App on my phone shows the local icon (small house) for routines but not scenes. Could you provide a screenshot or any more details?

My TV looks like this.

Ha, I forgot about those icons on the scenes on the TV app. I’m not sure what they mean, but it’s a slightly different icon than the one used to indicate a local automation. The local automation icon is a solid colored house with a check mark. So basically a check mark instead of a door.

Any news on this one?

Bump. Would love this.

I just saved my Scenes again (just add a trailing space to the name) and they are now flagged as running locally in the API. The app might not have a scooby but they are definitely set as local.

Whether they actually run locally is another matter.

I may well be on the beta list for this but this is the first time they’ve shown as local and I have saved them more than once in the last three months just to see.

So how do you check if local mate?

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Are scenes local, in prod, with latest firmware, if not when is it expected? Who would know?

As far as I can tell the ‘second phase’ never happened. My Scenes are all marked to run locally but the rule to execute them is still in the cloud.


I agree, it’s time not only to bring ‘local’ Scene execution, but also bring the SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) into the new SmartThings Edge Era. After all, they brought the Smart Lighting SmartApp along for the ride into the SmartThings Edge Era. Scenes and the STHM are both more integrated parts of the SmartThings echosystem than the Smart Lighting SmartApp is so it’s interesting why these two features have been ‘left behind’ thus far.


1000x this :point_up: