Hub Firmware Beta 46.4

Hi again @Sundareshwar - did you just sign up for the Customer Beta within the past few days? We typically only transition customers from Centercode Applicant->Beta Tester at the start of the Customer Beta which is why your hub has not yet updated. I may be able to move you through this process, I just wanted to let you know why it was not updated yet.


Thanks @Cory_Heuschkel will wait for your confirmation for beta update. Give me shout if it’s gonna take longtime…

Much appreciated for your support.

Did anyone just receive firmware v46.00005? I seem to have gotten this update just after midnight EST.

@Cory_Heuschkel , are there any release notes?

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Both of my hubs are still on 45.11

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Good morning, When will the new official firmware update be released for all Samsung and Aeotec Hubs?

There was this:

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Ah, didn’t check the first post, thanks!

Hi @RafaelAntonio2022 - we will start releasing to general population at a small rate the week of January 17th (rollout date TBD).

@Sundareshwar : because the general release will be happening very soon, we will add you to the Customer Beta for the 47 release. I hope this is acceptable.

Thanks all,
Cory Heuschkel

For those active in this Customer Beta for 46, we will be pushing out 46.7 soon today.


Hi Beta Testers,
The team is pushing out a final update containing a bug fix for something introduced in 46.7. 46.8 will be rolling out to your hubs shortly. A general release for 46.8 is expected to roll out within the next few days.

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installed since last night in my hub. Now go back to detecting offline devices. Up until 47.7 I had a device that was offline (an unplugged outlet) but it kept showing up as online. Now it detects it again offline, so that’s good.

Is there any chance to make integration_test.run_registered_tests() to return a summary of the test result ?

Something like:

return {
  passed = passed_tests,
  failed = failed_tests,
  total = #registered_tests,

This way, I could use the result to prevent github workflow from passing through tests.

I know I could pipeline the result and use awk or something to search the texts, but I like the idea of printing results in the log and stop in the end.

Sorry, but I didn’t find the best place to request it.

Did anybody in the beta group get updated to the public 46.8 rollout? I’m still showing the last 46.5 beta instead of 46.8.

My beta group test hub got upgraded.

My non beta group hubs are all on 46.08 too.

According to the IDE, my hub received 46.8 on January 17th.

Doesn’t look like a second push of the same version was performed.

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Is 46 now rolled out to everyone or is it still being batched out? Looking to get rid of some support for <46. I had workaround for mdns in v45 and capability bugs in v43.

46 is rolled out to Aeotec/V3/V2, but the mesh wifi/hub combos are only getting updated to 45.11

Is that a hard ceiling on support going forward? That would mean I’d have to keep those patches in for v45 if I wanted to support those with the edge driver

There are, of course, other hubs out there (Station, TVs, appliances) and we don’t know a) what firmware they run, and b) if they can run custom Edge drivers.

Only hint we have is the Matter cert for Tizen is for 45 and for the Station is 46.

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