Hub Firmware Beta 45.6

Oh man, I can’t wait…


This announcement was a bit vague.

Just this makes me cringe and think, “great what else is going to break”.


For me, at least with Edge drivers, the current Zigbee stack has been phenomenal with Ikea On/Off dimmer, 5-button remote, and shortcut buttons.

One of my On/Off dimmers has been six months on the same battery.
The same button on Home Assistant with a CC2652P coordinator using zigbee2mqtt was a week at best.

Edge drivers don’t make any difference to the Ikea button battery performance for me. If they are in a position where the routing stays the same they survive. Otherwise they drain with hours of a routing change.

Unfortunately Ikea buttons becoming unusable for many users apparently wasn’t considered a significant regression at the time, and probably rightly so. It cost me a ridiculous amount in batteries before I had to accept the problem wasn’t going anywhere.

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I returned them after they cost too much effort to try and make a “cheap” solution. Life is too short and IKEA’s return policy is long.

I am a case to be studied, continuous disconnections with each addition or deletion of a single device. I hope not to cause some headaches to the engineers who are going to read the logs.
I want to bring my testimony because I use Vimar zigbee switches, and I think that nobody uses them outside Italy, in Italy they are widespread, and for some time, many users have problems with burst disconnections. We hopefully it may be a firmware issue

Zigbee firmware updated from version 5.4.2 to 5.4.4.

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Bottoms. I was hoping for version 6 point something.

I wonder if the chipset(s) are compatible with the later firmware offerings from silabs.

Are the chips in the V2/V3/Aeotec hubs all the same?

We will be enabling the upgraded Zigbee firmware stack throughout the day and monitoring. I’ll post again when the rollout is complete.


Hey @cbaumler , I rebooted my hub this morning after my hub was updated yesterday, and now I have a device flooding the hub with these events every 5 minutes. It started at 2022-09-27 9:38:08.000 AM EDT:

raw:8C77000022A30000210E2B, dni:8C77, errorCode:00, ieee:0022A30000210E2B

The device is named “Master Bath Lisa’s Closet Light”. I have granted the SmartThings Support team with access to my account. What do you need from me to take a look?

BTW, I’m not at home to physically use the device to to debug anything yet. I’ll be there in about 2 hours.

That should be sufficient for now. We’ll take a look at your issue.

I should note that the Zigbee firmware upgrade will only affect V3 hubs.

For those of us that weren’t paying attention to the Zigbee firmware version before, what is the updated version number?

And, even though I am not part of the beta, will the Zigbee firmware upgrade be applied to V2 hubs in time for the production release?

Mine went from 5.4.2 to 5.4.4 yesterday.

Thanks @cbaumler , I am home now and can test anything you need. That device is Offline but in the IDE it is reporting Last Activity as of “a minute ago”. It’s likely I’ll need to reset and rejoin it for it to go back online.

The Zigbee firmware upgrade is not applicable for V2 hubs. It contains some internal updates that apply to V3 hubs only. However, everyone will have seen a version bump from 5.4.2 to 5.4.4 when the new hub firmware was applied.


V2 for the win again :wink:


Looks like I jinxed myself with my comments about Ikea button devices.

4 of the 8 buttons have stopped working, and the motion sensor has gone offline.

All are reporting sufficient battery.
As a test, i successfully re-paired one of them to the hub, but it’s still not registering button presses.

Edit: Motion sensor has come back online, but is not working.

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