Hub Firmware Beta 45.6

How do you see the firmware version?
I’m assuming you must have an IKEA hub to upgrade firmware?

I had to connect mine to my Home Assistant install, or my Ikea hub to see the firmware version of the Ikea devices.
Would be nice if we could see the firmware version of the devices in ST. Haven’t checked to see if the CLI reports firmware versions.

There wasn’t a firmware update for my Ikea motion sensor, so that still won’t work with ST.

The odd one out for me is the 5-button remote.
I had one on the latest Ikea firmware that continued to work after the Zigbee upgrade.
The other one I have was on an older firmware version, but even after upgrading the firmware, it refuses to acknowledge button presses.
Definitely not happy about that, as that particular 5-button remote was connected to one of our main lights in the living room.

You can use either the Ikea hub or if you happen to have zigbee2mqtt installed on a raspberry pi or similar, you can also use that. I found using the Ikea hub was quicker.

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Well that stinks as I don’t use HA or have an IKEA hub.

I’m definitely not happy about it, as I purposely bought a ST hub and moved everything to it when I found out that ST with Edge drivers supported the Ikea buttons, motion sensors, etc.

Others with V3 hubs that didn’t get the zigbee update are also having issues (been talking with a few on Reddit), so not really sure what’s going on.

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I am in a similar situation, my Ikea Tradfri 5 button and 4 button remote both work after the update (once removed and added again).
But the 2 button on/off wouldn’t reconnect.

I do not have an Ikea Hub either to try a firmware upgrade but I have bought a Sonoff Zigbee dongle in hope to upgrade via my Raspberry Pi (should be delivered tomorrow).

The Smartthings team have been super helpful and tryed rolling back the Zigbee Stack etc. but this did not work also.

The Smartthings continue to look into this so I am keeping my fingers crossed they find the issue and resolve.

The SmartThings team is working on a solution for the Zigbee button issues being experienced. It will likely be a combination of a hub firmware fix and an edge driver fix.


Will it address the motion sensor as well?

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Yes, I believe the motion sensor issue has the same root cause.

We will be rolling out Hub Firmware 0.45.9 Release shortly today, here are the release notes:

  • Fixed a bug in the driver live logging server to allow location members to view driver logs
  • Additional Zigbee stability improvements
  • Fixed a bug where Zigbee groups were not preserved when upgrading the Zigbee stack
  • Allow drivers to add the hub to group id 0x0000 that may fix some Zigbee buttons

Thank you @Kianoosh_Karami

Will 0.45.9 also include a fix for the issue with IKEA Zigbee remotes and buttons malfunctioning? This has been quite painful living without these devices in the last week or so, wife is not happy as well :slight_smile:

My understanding…

The Edge driver has been tweaked because it was using the binding table to decide whether to use a particular group or 0x0000, but didn’t allow for the binding table not being returned with certain versions of the buttons.

The hub has been tweaked because although 0x0000 is apparently not valid, the horse has already bolted with that one and blocking it causes problems.

Something like that anyway

At this point, I recommend re-adding the devices (and apologies for having to reset your automation). The fix put in 0.45.9 will only apply to the Hubs that had not received the 0.45.8 or older, which in another way to say that once your Hub got migrated to the new Stack, that information was lost and extremely difficult to revive; many apologies about that. We went through months of testing, but we seem to have lost sight of Zigbee Groups; our Zigbee Stack Vendor also missed that.

If you are having any issues getting the devices to a functional state after the re-add, let us know and we will gladly investigate and root cause any problem.


Thanks for the update 45.9. I who had already exited the beta, will I receive it? I can’t get in anymore.

I Have now managed to get my Zigbee On/Off switches to work again after purchasing a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 Usb dongle and updating the device firmware using Zigbee2Mqtt.

Glad to see the Smartthings team have found the cause of the issue and that all other user will be able to use their buttons again :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the detailed response, and engagement.

My Hub (V3) is running 0.45.8. I tried completely removing all Ikea Zigbee remotes and buttons, hub reboot, and re-creating the devices without any luck. The device is showing, but it doesn’t register any button clicked events.

I would be glad to provide any required information, so the team can further investigate. Which specific information would be required?

Thank you.

When do we get to test Thread for our V3/Aeotec hubs? :grin:

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ok it has updated, although unfortunately I can no longer access the beta firmware part on my profile on the site @alissa.dornbos could you help me?

As far as I can tell, at the start of a new beta cycle they play catch-up with new applications and then build a list of hubs to be used in that cycle. So you would expect to receive 45.9 and any succeeding 45.x releases.

I’ve had the reverse happen. I had a mismatch between my hub ID and its owner account in my profile at the start of the 44.x cycle so had to wait till 45.x before my corrected info took effect.

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Thanks for the explanation, in fact received 45.9.
What I don’t understand is why beta access on my profile no longer works. I sent both private messages and tagged people from the Smartthings staff, but got no replies. I hope to receive the next official version of the firmware and stop with the betas

Had another try with removing and re-adding the devices, and it helped resolve the issue. All buttons and remotes are fully operational now.
Thanks again @Kianoosh_Karami