Hub Firmware Beta 22.12


  • 0.22.12

Hub Target

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub (Hub V2)

Release Date

  • Friday, June 22

Release Notes

  • Additional fixes for non-functional Z-Wave cases
  • Fix “Lock Code 99” bug for some Z-Wave locks

We will actually be releasing 22.12 instead with an additional fix:

  • Fix “Lock Code 99” bug for some Z-Wave locks

All of my devices (zwave & zigbee) last responded 15 hours ago, none of my ~45 devices are working. But I’ve been on 22.12 since 6/22 with no issues until now. I’ve tried reboots and power cycles with no help.

Looking forward to 22.13, hope it fixes things, looks like it comes out tomorrow.

Hmm, that is certainly not good. I’ll take a look at your hub.