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Hub Firmware Beta 19.13 Release Notes

(Tom Manley) #41

It doesn’t look like your hub is enrolled in the hub beta firmware program. This thread here is just relevant to hubs in the beta program running hubCore version 0.19. You should contact support and they can help get things sorted out.

(Tom Manley) #42

@Terk, @bjthomas09, your hubs are going to be updated after we fix the cloud issue preventing Hue and ZigBee DTHs from running locally. This is planned for Monday but I will update here when I know for sure when the updates will go out.

(Swpyatt) #43

I still have version 018.00022


(Tom Manley) #44

Everyone that is in the beta program but still on 0.18 should be hearing from Tim or will receive the update on Monday after we release the fix to the dth issue. Please sit tight until then.

(Brent ) #45


Thanks for the update.



(Nickganga) #46

Same issue here. Anything I can do?

(Antony Pugh) #47

Should custom hue DTH run locally???

(Dan) #48

Custom Device Type Handlers NEVER run locally. They always run in the cloud.

(Tom Manley) #49

For those in the beta program still on 0.18, we’re not going to be updating your hubs today like previously planned. There were some unrelated issues that required us to delay until tomorrow. As mentioned before I’ll keep you updated when we start and finish the release.

(Scott Shell) #50

Local Execution for the Hue might push me off of my custom DTH to built in SmartThings Handler for Hue.

(Tom Manley) #51

*edited to specify the list of DTHs that should be running locally

All the hubs enrolled in the beta program should now be running 19.13. The following DTHs should be running locally:

  • ZigBee Switch
  • ZigBee Switch Power
  • ZigBee Dimmer
  • ZigBee Dimmer Power
  • ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulb
  • ZigBee RGBW Bulb
  • ZigBee RGB Bulb
  • LAN Hue Bridge
  • LAN Hue Extended Color
  • LAN Hue Color
  • LAN Hue Color Temperature
  • LAN Hue Dimmable

If this isn’t working please submit a BUG ticket in Centercode. If your problem looks like an existing BUG you can just add a comment that it’s affecting you as well.

Hub Firmware Release Notes - 19.17
(Scott ) #52

Should all Zigbee now be local? I see my Cree’s are still cloud.

(Tom Manley) #53

The Cree bulb DTH doesn’t currently run locally due to some special circumstances with that particular DTH. We’re working on it but not sure when it will be ready. Many of the DTHs that start with “ZigBee …” do now run locally though.

(Dan) #54

You can manually go into the IDE and change the DTH for the Cree bulbs to the GE Link Bulb DTH. These run locally, at least they used to on previous firmware. I don’t have v19.13, so can’t tell you for sure. All of my Cree Bulbs are using the GE Link Bulb DTH for months without any issues. All report running locally.

(DavidK) #55

Does the zigbee button DTH now run local?

I have lowes iris button.

If I switch it to the zigbee button does it run local?

It used to not.

Does the zigbee button now show battery level ?

(Daniel) #56

@tpmanley, does LeakSMART Valve run locally with this version?

(Brian Spranger) #57

When will this version roll out to non beta users?

(Tom Manley) #58

I updated my previous post to specify the list of DTHs that run locally. There are still a few “Zigbee …” ones that do not run locally, including the Zigbee Button. I’ll make sure that’s one we consider adding in a future release though.

The Zigbee Valve DTH actually does run locally in some shards. We intend to make it run locally in all shards but I don’t have an exact timeline for that change.

We continue to get good feedback from the beta testers and so plan to keep it in beta for a while longer. We haven’t announced an exact release date yet but it’ll be at least a few more weeks out.

(Collisionc) #59

Can confirm that GE ZigBee In-Wall Switch ( ) runs locally and still shows current wattage usage.

(DavidK) #60


As far as Zigbee Button, are there any recommended battery buttons that work with zigbee button DTH?

I have some lowes iris zigbee buttons, but I would be willing to buy something else if they were supported and better?

Since we are asking for wishlist items, could the DTH
Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch
be made to run local?

I have zwave relays that if they are set as just relays, run local, but if I set them to run as
Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch

they are not local