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Hub Firmware Beta 19.13 Release Notes

(Tom Manley) #21

I took a look at your hub and everything looked right except like you said, the Hue devices are running in the Cloud. Please submit a BUG report so we don’t lose track of this.

Is anyone else seeing this problem?

Hue Devices Still Executing in Cloud?

v19.13 just popped up on my v2 hub. Update was from v18.22. Still seeing ZigBee Dimmer Power and ZigBee Switch Power DTHs as CLOUD. Same issue as the HUE DTHs?

(Tom Manley) #23

It sounds like it might be. I have an idea of where the problem might be but for now please report a BUG in Centercode.

(Tom Manley) #24

We’ve finished the release for today. There are about a dozen hubs that we didn’t update because there might be an issue with some of the information provided during the beta signup but I need to dig into it a bit more to make sure. If you’re on 19.13 please file BUG reports for any issues you find. If you’re not on 19.13 you can sit tight until you hear back from me either directly or here in this thread.


Submitted BUG-0028 on Centercode for this.

(Bobby) #26

Before I submit the bug report, I am going to move my Hue hub. It’s connected into an AP, that may make a difference, although the AP should just act as a regular switch.

(Brett) #27

My hue blooms are showing LAN Hue Color and also still say Cloud as well.

(Joel W) #28

Has anyone else noticed that Honeywell 9500 series using Alexa to increase or decrease temperature is not working correctly? I have submitted a bug report. But below is what I have found.

  1. If I say “Alexa increase temperature of Thermostat 5 degrees” Or Alexa set Thermostat temperature to 80 degrees it works fine. Take note the original temperature was 75 degrees.

  2. If I then say “Alexa decrease Thermostat temperature 5 degrees”, nothing happens. If I then say “Alexa set thermostat temperature to 75 degrees” it responds that the temperature is already set to 75 degrees.

Now that is strange.


Not sure if this is your problem but I’ve had the same experience with an Ecobee. I had to remove the OAuth device in SmartThings and then re-OAuth. That has fixed the issue.


How do you get the beta installed on your Hub? I’m still on version 18.22 and was approved for beta several days ago.

(jkp) #31

send an email to and let them know

(Alex) #32

All my HUE lights were listed as Cloud so I UPDATED them all (simply edit and save) and they are now listed as Local. I thought that was normal and if I recall correctly I was told that the hub checks whether a device is local or cloud upon reboot but I forgot to give that a try. I’ve had the issue before where devices that were supposed to be local were listed as cloud and that was what I was told to do.

(Antony Pugh) #33

Yeah I was going to report this bug. Although it is intermittent for me. wont work then suddenly will few hours later.

(Tom Manley) #34

Just to follow up on the local execution issue:

Also, in case you missed my message from yesterday there are a few hubs that we didn’t update yesterday. If you’re in that boat you should be hearing from us directly or receiving the update in the next few hours.

(Bobby) #35

@tpmanley did you guys find a way to mass refresh the hue DTH? I got tired half way through mine…

(Tom Manley) #36

We’ve identified the issue preventing the Hue and Zigbee DTHs from running locally and we are working on the fix. In order to test the fix we are going to wait to update the remaining hubs until after the fix is deployed. That means if you’re in the beta program and still running 0.18 you should be receiving the update to 0.19.13 on Monday.

I’m going to work on this now. If you are already on 0.19.13 just sit tight for a few more hours and all the devices should be migrated to run locally that can run locally.

(Tom Manley) #37

This is done. All the LAN Hue ... and ZigBee ... DTHs should now be running locally if you have 0.19.13.


Hi Tom, my hub is still at version 18.00022 although I am in the Beta program, anything I need to do? Thanks

(Brent ) #39

I@tpmanley I’m still on 18.22 as well. Would appreciate it if you can take a look, that that I saw a thread in this forum that mention they may have been a problem with the information provided during setup but no details as to what might be missing.

(Jason AG) #40

Yes, I am.

Not tracking ST firmware release but finally found time to look into why I haven’t been able to get Hue communications restored.

And now know why. Is there anything I could do to confirm this or can action be taken within verification? Happy go helphowever I can.