Hub Firmware Beta 0.38.X

So exiting! Love trying out all these new features!!!


I do wish they could be slightly less verbose in the Release Notes.


Was that sarcasm? By black and white text it doesn’t really come through…

But to be honest, someone should at least try to put together a small change log or release notes, what is not a one-liner…

Is it going to fix the IKEA battery issue?

Makes it interesting testing the changes when they don’t tell us what changed.

You are spot on my friend.

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Completely theorizing here, but my guess is that they won’t say a word about the Ikea issue until they have a fix already deployed and confirmed working so at not to stir the pot any more than it already is.

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Got the update 4 hours ago. So far so good, but I have no idea what to look for to validate any “improvement”. @alissa.dornbos Can you please provide more information???

Ah yes I forgot about that. 38.8 arrived at about 5pm UTC for me.

Any changes to the Zigbee stack? My beta hub is still on 2.9.0, which is OK for my IKEA buttons (though they are behaving at the moment anyway) but not so great for being aware of changes.

I can’t remember the previous version to be honest. Mine says 5.3.1

Hey @GSzabados and others,

If you are experiencing battery issues with the IKEA buttons, can you message me? We do not have a fix at the moment, it has been difficult to reproduce the issue at will. So I ask that if your IKEA buttons are being drained fast, can you message me so that we can collect more data points?

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@orangebucket I will follow up with you in DM.

@Kianoosh_Karami - try to get some people from this topic. (I have removed all the remotes from my setup as the batteries drained.)

And if you have some time have a look on the links what I have posted there. It is not just SmartThings’ Zigbee stack. Are you using the EmberZNet from Silicon Labs?

I’ll send you 2 buttons that are useless to me at the moment because of the issue for testing.

I have a 5 button IKEA remote, and 2 of the TRADFRI SHORTCUT Button linked with 2 different smartthings hubs ATM. I’m not in the BETA program, both of my hubs are running 000.037.00004, but I can do whatever testing can be done from this end…

Hub A has the 5 button remote and a SHORTCUT.
Hub C has a SHORTCUT.

The 2 IKEA devices connected to Hub A will drain in 1-3 days. The 5 button remote won’t last 24-48 hours on a fresh cell. I removed it from the Hub after replacing the battery 3 or 4 times. The SHORTCUT lasts a few days tops.

The SHORTCUT on Hub C was installed 11 day ago and still reports 100% and checks in regularly. No idea why its working on there but not Hub A.

Both SHORTCUTS were purchased at the same time (I bought 4 from These two in use are both reporting firmware 0x23015631.

Both Hubs are V2’s with zwave and zigbee devices connected to them. The house with Hub A does have a Control4 setup which also uses Zigbee - that might be one of the causes of the drain.

I believe the cause of the drain is buttons being awake when they should be sleeping. One thread I read on the subject for another platform was beyond my current grasp of the subject - all short poll v long poll - but I felt it addressed the symptoms rather than the cause.

The best I can offer as a pattern is perhaps a change of Zigbee routing for the button. Not direct to hub v through a router, but simply a change.

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Does anyone actually have an open project on Centercode for this beta? I don’t have anything to say myself but it would be interesting to know if anyone else did.

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That’s odd, I cannot see any neither. I cannot even see my previous bug reports neither.

The Hub Firmware Beta project is back now again, but there isn’t any details on the 0.38.X, but only 0.37.4…

Hi, on the homepage you should now see the 0.38 release notes. I will look into why your previous bug reports didnt show.

Thank you.

The 0.38 notes does show up now and the bug reports as well. 24 hours ago none of those were visible on Centercode.