Hub Firmware Beta 0.37.x

Does this update also start re-using z-wave device network IDs? Previously any new z-wave device would increment +1 off the highest z-wave DNI, even if lower DNIs had been removed/excluded. I just joined a new z-wave device and it picked up DNI 02.

The hub has always reused DNIs starting with the lowest available once it reaches the highest possible DNI value ([E7]).

Ah, ok. Just a timing thing then since the last z-wave device I added indeed a couple months ago has DNI E7. Thanks!

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Hi @cbaumler, ever since I’ve received this update I’m getting tons of zbjoin events. Prior to this update I’d see one or two every month or two, but now it’s like a few every hour or so. Do you guys want to take a deeper look into my hub?

I’ve been seeing that for a couple of months. I first encountered it on the 36.x beta and thought it might be to do with enhanced logging on the hub while attempts were made to investigate the major Ikea Button problem. However since 36.x was pushed out it happens on both my hubs. I still have Zigbee 2.9.0 on my beta hub so the stack probably isn’t a factor. I got a bit bored of checking which devices were involved but I don’t recall seeing it being anything other than the Ikea Buttons. That said I don’t have a particularly large and diverse environment.

Hi @orangebucket , 36.x wasn’t too bad at all for me, but 37.x is a completely different story. The last 15 hours or so have been calm, but I expect that by the end of the day I’ll see a lot more zbjoin messages. I’m keeping an eye on logs very closely today.

Funnily enough, when I looked closely there are only three or four a day at the moment on each hub, which is still a massive amount compared to what I used to see. At one point I was getting more like two or three an hour.

That said one hub only has one button left on it and that is generating all the joins.

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I say three or four but counting again one has double that in the last couple of days and the other has had over fifty today.

My devices range from presence tags, Keen vents, an Orbit timer valve, Aqara vibration sensor (zb3.0), Iris single zigbee button, motion sensors, and a few others.

As for zbjoint events I have not noticed an appreciable increase until today.
If I have noticed that now with turning off the hub for 5 minutes or less, the zigbee routes are reconfigured and also this that I wrote 10 days ago to another user with problems:

Since last update version of the Hub’s zigbee stack to 5.2.1 it seems to me that the connection paths of the zigbee devices change more frequently than with the previous version. Almost daily in devices that have more than one repeater near it.
Even repeater devices close to each other, which spread the connection of the devices in the area, one day they link with the other repeater and make everyone link through one of them. Next day they unlink and each one repeats their own. Before I do not remember this happening so many times and I have not changed any location devices.
This is not causing me connection problems, but I seem to see more failed messages, without being able to ensure it.

When I was writing this, a repeater device that was connected to another repeater switch 4m away in the basement, has changed its link to a repeater socket that is on the 2nd floor and has taken its 3 paired devices with it.

Anyone removed a zwave device lately? I excluded a device, it was successfully excluded via the app. Its removed from the app but not from the IDE. Hub logs says that the device was removed

Ugh… after 20 hours of nothing, these just started, including some RAW events from a wall switch.

0AC7 is my presence tag, so that’s one I expect to see, but definitely not the RAW events.

tagging @cbaumler

Our team is investigating.

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@cbaumler i am getting raw events as well

The same thing happened to me 15 days ago, it is a device after turning off the hub 5 minutes. changed its DNI, but it did not register well on the network. It was still in IDE with the old DNI and offline. I removed the battery, reinstalled it and device registered with a zbjoint with the new DNI.
This never happened to me with the previous version of zigbee 3.1.1

This behavior is nothing new, It’s happened to me many times over the years and tt’s maddening when it does.

Since this update a lot of my automations are showing “Unknown Device” & “Unknown Condition” and I cant edit them.
Also my arm etc buttons on SHM have disappeared and Smartthings Find doesnt work. If I click on the map its a blank screen.

I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled and still the same. I get network errors poping up a lot.

Anyone else getting this?

FYI – Hub Firmware Beta 0.37.4

Whats the new link for the new idé? is the best URL to use for IDE. There is no new IDE…. Only same old IDE but they changed the URL a few years ago to forward users to their correct SHARD.

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