Hub Firmware Beta 0.35.x

Really !!! Now I would have thought Cyprus was stuck in the 50’s with electrical installations like the UK, yes I appreciate the UK is advanced in its specifications and electrical codes but the practice of running cables for each switch is very 50’s

Really didn’t know that Andreas.

Sorry got confused. I meant that we use switches with many buttons so that a zigbee multi-switch with local execution would be great to have.

And there was I thinking Greece was as advanced as South Korea :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: having been there alot I kinda know… its not quite :joy:

hahahha not a chance! Btw Greece and Cyprus are not the same.


Yup fair point Andreas, my bad

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I started a seperate thread on this but in case the beta firmware is the issue, has anyone else run into problems access devices and/or scenes via ST on a TV? I only realised that everything was gone yesterday which seems coincidental with the beta rollout.

one thing to try… create a new scene to see if it shows up. if it does, delete your current scenes and recreate them.

i removed/reinstalled my app today and all my scenes did not show up on the dashboard. deletIng/creating them restored tHem to the dashboard. i don’t believe it is related the beta firmware.

I also lost all my scenes and devices on my TV, but it happened before the hub update

i’m guessing its related to migrating scenes to the Rules API, not this hub firmware.

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It killed all my sylvania Lightify bulbs and samsung water sensors… was this tested at all?

Did you log a ticket in centercode so they can investigate? I have those same devices and they are fine.

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I have both and no issues as well.

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Stupid question time or sorry its been asked above but the thread is long
If some devices require a specific DH to run local how can we tell which DH is a local DH, will the list of current DH in the IDE attain a Local indicator where applicable ?

Short version, theres no indicator. Inside a local capable DTH theres a flag. We’ve seen that flag in all DTHs that run capable but not all DTHs with the flag run locally - which means not all DTHs with the flag seem to actually be loaded in the hub.
So, there’s not a real way except trying them then checking the device list to see if it switched to local execution.

That said, “ZWave Switch” covers a LOT of ground.

That was the short version Nathan !!
Mind you compared to JD , it was a mere nod
Seriously though, it would be good to have some form of ID on the Device types

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It would be nice especially since the only way to see it currently is in the device list in the IDE. Considering the IDE is planned to go away, from a feature parity perspective - a little L or Star or something as an overlay on the device icon in the device list and an indicator in the device details page would be nice.

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Would also be nice not too loose individual device functions which I find I have to loose if I go local on some devices

Would also be nice to be able to pick a device type and have a selection of tick boxs relevant to the device type and be able to sort them and tick which function displays on the device tile eg; power, temp,open close and so on

I don’t know if it was the Rules api or the new phones but since the firmware my automations for setting STHM are freaking out. STHM is going from armed away to Disarmed contently. I finally disabled all my automations and things settled down.

Do a search in the forums fkr the why. This is mentioned a few times over the past week or so - Short answer change your 2/3 virtual switches you use for the STHM automation to the ‘Simulated Switch’ DTH.

2/3 virtual switches?