Hub Firmware Beta 0.34.x

@Kianoosh_Karami - No, the Powder Room Entry light dimmer is a Zwave Plus HomeSeer WD200+.

This other one is Zwave too and for some reason the label is not correct. I 100% edit them upon install so I don’t know why it is simply called “Dimmer Switch”. I believe this to be the dimmer in the Master Toilet.

[2020-12-10 12:07:09.000 PM CST 52 minutes ago ] HUB zwStatus include search Z-Wave include search started
[2020-12-10 12:06:59.000 PM CST 52 minutes ago ] HUB desc 92 Dimmer Switch rejoined
[2020-12-10 12:06:59.000 PM CST 52 minutes ago ] zwStatus device setup Z-Wave device setup started
[2020-12-10 12:06:59.000 PM CST 52 minutes ago ] HUB zwStatus device inclusion Z-Wave device inclusion started

This other one, Entrance Light, is another WD200+ zwave device:

[2020-12-10 11:07:41.000 AM CST 2 hours ago ] HUB zwStatus include search Z-Wave include search started
[2020-12-10 11:07:31.000 AM CST 2 hours ago ] HUB desc 84 Entrance Light rejoined
[2020-12-10 11:07:30.000 AM CST 2 hours ago ] HUB zwStatus device setup Z-Wave device setup started
[2020-12-10 11:07:30.000 AM CST 2 hours ago ] HUB zwStatus device inclusion Z-Wave device inclusion started

I believe there are more but the log is very long and slow to scroll backwards. The network repairs are not usually this long, it has been a couple hours at least and it is still going. I am guessing I will be spending the next few days excluding and reincluding based on past experience :exploding_head:

OK, Well I was clearly wrong. Something is wrong with the messaging. I will be in touch, as far as I can remember we do not have “Rejoin” log for Z-Wave, but I could be wrong here.

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OK I will clearly out of it today.

The “Rejoin” log is probably not the best description, but basically if you have a Z-Wave device and you start the “Inclusion/Add” process and you add the device already existing in the network, you will just get a “Rejoin” log statement. They were never kicked off, but just Re-Added.

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@Kianoosh_Karami I saw this exact same behavior while working on my issues last weekend. (Wife turned on a light by paddle on a switch while I was trying to rejoin some Zigbee gear. ) The log message probably does need some clarification. I was going to ask about it - basically the same question as @aruffell but had bigger fish t fry at the time.

(And for those who read my request for help earlier - we think it ended up being an unfortunate timing issue with an App hiccup combined with my Wifi network deciding it needed to ‘optimize’ my 2Ghz channels at the same exact time.)

Issue is I did not do re-add any of those devices. I was running a network repair that last I checked was still going after 5hrs which likely means there is an issue as usually it doesn’t take that long.

@Kianoosh_Karami - Just noticed another thing that is not normal:

The device is working fine but look at the route. I am sure you are familiar with the Aeotec minimote… since it is a battery operated remote, why is it in the route?

I don’t know what the other two unknown devices were but those are likely caused by me replacing a few HomeSeer switches with Zigbee switches in hopes I can get rid of the zwave issues that keep plaguing my system.

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@aruffell Can you let me know if the routes never get updated (to not include Aeotec minimote as a hop)?

The routes are reported by the Radio and the networking layer of the stack, I have seen it to report wrong route (as if the data is not refreshed and some random wrong blob of routes is reported instead) but actually use a proper route when transmitting a message. Normally, it corrects itself after a bit of run-time. I know it is not a good justification of the issue, can you keep an eye out on that specific route and see if it does not clear up?

@Kianoosh_Karami - As far as I can tell the minimote and the unknown devices stuck around in the route for more than one day and survived more than one network repair. I have a high number of HomeSeer devices locking up so I doubled down to get rid of anything that seems out of the ordinary… therefore… last night I excluded the minimote and am not planning on adding it back unless you need me to for testing. I am looking for viable other remotes, preferably zigbee (would love suggestions for anyone). I also excluded my stairs light and office light dimmers and added them back after many attempts as both reported huge numbers of failures.

As for the backyard gate sensor, it now shows 3 unknown devices in its route however it works fine… it is sitting on my desk and when I trigger it to change state it does so quickly.

Going back to the locking up devices - my office light was locked up, so I air gapped it, and when I pressed the paddle it worked but immediately locked up again. It was late at night and I am home alone, both of which usually resulted in lower traffic on my network. I’ve been trying to reduce the number of zwave devices and traffic but the issue has spiked nonetheless with the last couple firmware releases. I can’t blame it on that with any level of certainty but both the lockups and the aeotec sensors dropping offline seem to have increased after these updates.

In trying to eliminate these issues, I purchased 3 Aeotec Recessed Door sensors Gen 7 and found that I had to force them to S0 in order for them to work. This is a known issue and both ST and Aeotec say it needs to be included without using S2 (I won’t accept this though). Just moments ago I updated the firmware on one of them from 1.04 to 1.05 and it appears to now work with S2 using the stock ST DTH. The changelog for 1.05 says " * Resolves Supervision CC session ID when paired with S2 Authentication" (What does this mean in plain English?). I am about to test this on the other two to see if they start working too after the firmware upgrade. Z-wave hates me :frowning:

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I’ll be excited when FW OTA is available for SmartThings to update Inovelli switches!!!


Any more news on the progress of this rollout?

Nope. Mum’s the word nowadays.

I’m still holding out hope for OTA firmware updates for Z-Wave. Its been 4 months. Any news on this?

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Not yet but it seems we are getting closer…

I gave up waiting and bought a zwave stick in the end