Hub Firmware Beta 0.32.x

Things are clearing up for me now. I’m guessing it was the cloud issue. My API integration is working again. I had to restart my custom service so that it could “catch up”. I was getting messages over an hour old showing up in the IDE logging.

Should this show up in the IDE yet? Or is there a corresponding Graph update needed?

The data is currently sent every 24 hours, you can always trigger a network repair to push the latest data.

I am seeing massive delays since the update.

I have an automation that uses my Samsung phone as a presence sensor, which switches off the security when I get home but today it only switch off 5 minutes after arriving home

I awoke today to find my hub offline.
Led is blue and ide shows last activity about 30 minutes ago.
Last ping from hub 10:32:55.420Z

We are looking at this issue, Thanks for reporting it.

Thanks for the reply. A hub reset (power cycle) brought it back online shortly after my post.

So I’m seeing one potential issue. I paired a lock, removed the battery for the last 24 hours.

I opened the new ST app, it showed offline (initially atleast). I dragged the lock to a different room and now it shows online. When I look at the IDE events it’s showing the last event received was 21 hours ago. The IDE is also showing it as online.


  • Received Messages From Device: 8
  • Received Messages From Device (Duplicates): 0
  • Messages Transmitted to Device: 26
  • Messages Transmitted to Device (Failures): 0
  • Updated Time: 2020-09-01 2:23 PM EDT

How long does the controller take to update the device status?

All my devices (ZigBee and Z-Wave) are showing online, even through some of them haven’t had a battery in it for months now.

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Seeing it now that I ran a z-wave repair. Looks like it will take a couple runs to clear up “could not update neighbors” errors

OK. We were able to identify the root cause of the hub being offline. We had a minor incident around the time your hub went offline, and the hub was unable to connect while the incident was ongoing, the hub then backed off from attempting again, and by the time rebooted your hub, the incident was then gone and it was able to reconnect, or otherwise the next attempt would have reconnected.

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@RBoy , can you PM me and provide the information about the Device ID and the Hub ID? So I can look into it?

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Hi @Kianoosh_Karami can you help with my issue after v32 firmware update.

I have a routine called “Anyone is Home” which triggers when I get into the Home geofence and should deactivate STHM

Since the update the “Anyone Is Home” routine triggers but the STHM Stays in the armed state triggering the sirens when I enter the house.

I have an outage on 32.00006. I am in the beta program so I thought it might be that.
Posted a general outage question in a separate thread.
I have no motion or switch events anymore!

Details here as well, many more reports.

Events just started again! :slight_smile:
Strange though, AT is working and the pistons are running but no logging shows up for the sensors.

I received the email about the new beta update coming to my hub on 9/1 but haven’t received it yet. Should I be worried, or is that normal?

Currently 31.00004

Have you checked the ide? I had to reboot my hub for the correct version to show up in the app.

I never received it either.


Could you please remove me from the beta? I only joined due to extreme lack of functionality after an older update, and needed to get it back.

I’m in the middle of decommissioning my hub, and moving to an alternative.


Thanks for the suggestion. It was correct in the IDE. Reboot fixed the app as well.