Hub Firmware Beta 0.31.x

I’m having issues with my local lighting smartapp automations, i can see the motion sensor in my kitchen is firing but no lights are activated. I can also control the lights fine in the app.
Not sure if its related to the beta but they have been fine until a few hours ago.

I checked my other smart lighting smartapp automations last night a none of them were working. I restarted the hub and it didn’t resolve it.
These have been working fine since I created them a year ago and this is the first instance they have failed.

@Lyger-uk can you file a bug report in Centercode with the details including precise times when the lighting automations didn’t work as expected?

Will do, they’re set to run from sunset and will log it if they fail again tonight.

They all failed again but i was able to disable the smartapp and re-enable for them to start working again.

@tpmanley - Today I have seen some commands has been passed doubled up to a device. It is a LAN connected switch, acting as a relay, it turns on and off automatically after 1 second. I only send on commands to it. The doubled commands has caused to trigger two times a few seconds apart. Was there any changes implemented in the Hub side regarding network messages? Or is it a cloud issue?

Should I add it to Centercode?

@GSzabados I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that might be causing that so best to log it in Centercode so we can look into it more.

@tpmanley, ok, thanks. Done.

@tpmanley, what is this change exactly and how is it achieved? Would it have any effect on a Tradfri bulb (ZLL RGB) meanwhile powering on?

I have a pair of bulbs which are having some weird behaviour. When physically turned off and turned on they change color to some more warmer white. Then turning off them longer changes them back to the normal default white. Haven’t seen before this behaviour from any of these bulbs.

Another weird observation… Some of my mp sensors are reporting the 3 axis positions…

Its not causing any issues and not all my mp sensors have these readings in the app…

We recently added the 3 axis sensor to the multi sensor display. That’s weird that it’s now showing up on all devices but I’m seeing that as well. We’ll look into it.

When the hub gets a command to change the color temperature it has to convert the value to Mireds to send it over the Zigbee network. Then the bulb sends the new temperature back in Mireds which is converted back into the temperature value. There is some loss of precision during those conversions which was previously causing a value of 2700 to become 2703. Now the hub remembers the value it was trying to set so when the Mireds value comes back it restores the desired value instead of just calculating the color temperature from the Mireds.

In other words, this wouldn’t cause that behavior you’re referring to. We didn’t change anything with what is sent to the bulb. I know some manufacturers have started remembering the state they were on before they were last powered on and restoring that state on power up. Doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re experiencing though.

Thanks for confirming. Yes, it is a bit odd with those bulbs. Two of them in a ceiling fixture (E27). When power cycled, doesn’t matter that they were on or off. Sometimes they come back with a normal warm white, other times they come back with something even more warmer, more like orange color, at maximum brightness. Never seen it before with any of my bulbs that they would change color from the usual default 2700K warm white to something else after a power cycle.

I don’t know whether it is a DTH issue or caused by 31.x but for some time now a lot of my HomeSeer 200 series dimmers, switches and fan controllers just freeze up. They become unresponsive to touching the paddle so I have to reset them via a power cycle. The DTHs have never been complete or free of issues so I started trying to merge stock DTHs with the extra code needed for these devices. The DTHs were somewhat working, but then all the devices started locking up, I believe, after one of the latest firmware updates.

Is this even possible? Has anyone else seen this issue? I don’t want to cause ST to waste time troubleshooting poor DTH code (I am not a programmer) so it would help to hear from others before I report this.

I seem to have lost app control of my associated Inovelli bulbs and Red series dimmer Saturday after the first Hub update to 31.3, changed firmware in bulbs same day, noticed again after V31.4. Since updating the firmware on my LZW42 bulbs in ST I seem to have lost dimming control through an associated Red Series Dimmer neutral install no load with dummy switch carrying load always on. Only change was updating from V2.28 to 2.30. I also updated to the recent DTH through Github integration. Removed and replaced bulbs(3 in a fan combo powered via dummy switch always on), removed associations, replaced associations, tried multiple combinations of associations. A2+A4, tried A3, A3+A4 still resulting in no dimming response from app(new or classic), dimmer will respond to app controls and bulbs will react to physical dimming, interaction from switch and app interaction with bulbs. Has anybody else experienced this since updating firmware on the Inovelli Illum Bulbs? Or is on the ST Beta that may be experiencing this behavior? Associations with my other devices are fine.

never got the update. still on 30.00005

Edit: Rebooted the hub and now i have 31.00004

Not sure what the issue was as all my routines and remotes around the house were working fine for the last few days, so parts of the hub code were still active…

After the reboot, my Hub is not picking up the right IPs for our Sonos devices. When i check in IDE, all IPs are wrong

Sonos have DHCP reservations. using S2 client for over a month, stopped connecting since this code update

Have tried rebooting Hub, Sonos, router… no luck. Not sure if its related

No issues with my 2 Harmony and Hue hubs

My Sonos devices that have S2 are working with 31.x

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My IKEA Symfonisk, running S1 still, works with this beta as well.

Fibaro dimmer 2 lost functionality