Hub Firmware Beta 0.30.4

Version: 0.30.4

Hub Target:

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2015 (Hub v2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (Hub v3)

Release Date:

  • May 9, 2020

Release Notes:

Bug Fixes

  • Z-Wave has been changed to accept Multi Channel Encapsulated messages sent to the incorrect destination endpoint on the SmartThings Hub. This change matches previous behavior and should resolve problems reported involving some Multi-channel devices including Fibaro and other manufacturers.
  • Fix rare issue communicating with the Zigbee radio on the Hub V3 that could result in failures to communicate with all Zigbee devices even though the Zigbee radio is reported as functional in the IDE.

Fingers crossed kids! This has drove me absolutely batshit for a good few days now…! Thanks! =)


Rollout to start in the next 10-15 minutes in batches. Newer signups will likely come in the later batches so be patient. If you signed up very recently, you may not make this beta.


Anybody get it yet?

Yep, I got it.


Is this the rare issue that I am having? I sent an email to support a while ago and have an open thread about it here: SECURE MODE ON/OFF help + zigbee issue

were you affected by the zwave issue? did the fix work?

nothing here yet, hoping this is going to sort things out…

Got it !!! everything back to normal !!!
I’m in Israel


0.30.4 deployment to external beta lists complete minus the last few stragglers. Please retest and report bugs in centercode if issues are found.

Hi everyone - I’m a new to hub firmware betas as I was impacted by the Z-wave issue with both of my Aeotec HEM Gen5 power meters.

I’ve received the .4 update and the issues with the Aeotec HEM Gen5 parent handler not reporting values is still an issue. The parent device is showing as “offline” via the web interface. Have tried power cycling both the hub and the power meters without any luck.

thanks fixed qubino weather station immediately

Righto, still broken.

The fibaro double-switch now appears to be fixed - JOY


all fibaro UBS temp sensor functionality STILL broken. Also, my zwave horstmann boiler switch is still broken.

I’d like to once again formally (and utterly reasonably) request that I have my hub roll back to the firmware previous to 0.30 which was installed last monday and has rendered approx £500 worth of equipment unusable.

I’m really, really annoyed. I’ve been a user for years and overnight I have lost all faith.

Old fibaro UBS & New Smart Implant lost temperature sensor functionality, new firmware has not fixed the error.

fibaro fgk101 contact (open/closed) is working again.

Temp reporting (done from the same driver) is NOT.

Any suggestions?

Have you tried to “wake up” the device so that it sends a full status report?

The Door/Window Sensor 2 needs to be woken up to receive information about the new configuration from the controller, like parameters and associations.

To wake up the sensor manually, click one of the TMP buttons (while the other button is pressed).

I’m probably coming across as a bit of a petulant child. I haven’t bought something with unrealistic expectations, then chose to complain about it.

I had a fully functional system. And as of monday, this has been taken from me. I want back what I had. This update has done nothing to assist.

I can’t be any clearer. Unless you guys reinstall the whichever firmware was on my hub before the 0.30 version push on monday, you’ve left me with £500 worth of useless equipment.

Plus I’m going to need to purchase and install a regular dumb thermostat and 7 regular radiator valves after removing my now useless smart TRVs.

We’re in lockdown, on minimum cashflow, and a baby due anytime in the next few weeks.

I’m really, really annoyed and upset by all of this. I just want the older firmware back so I can use it the way I happily have done up until monday.

This is really, really bad crack guys. I championed this system to a lot of people for a long, long time, and literally overnight I’ve had my faith torn to shreds and the entire system has effectively been stolen when I went to bed on monday.

Come on, I really need a solution here, please … !

tried this on one device - still only registers contact (open/closed), no temp values.

would happily do this on more devices if it fixed the problem, but it’s a pain to remove and retape these things that have been permanently installed and working for 4+ years if “waking it up” doesn’t fix it

edit: temp log for the year for 1 device, until device stopped reporting b/c of the 5/4 update

Fibaro Dimmer 2 with Built-in DTH works perfectly fine after 0.30.4 update