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Hub Firmware Beta 0.25.32


@Zach_Varberg @schulz SmartThings have finally made a fix for the Fibaro dimmer 2

But since this is a local running device, do we need to wait for a new hub firmware update to get this?

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You’ll be able to take advantage that fix by switch your device to be cloud executing in graph.


I have already done this, but I want this fix and for the device to be local at the same time.

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I just double checked and it is in our backlog. Maintaining parity between cloud and locally executing devices is super important. I’m going to add this request to the ticket and see if I can push it into one of our upcoming releases.

Just asked the actual expert, @Kianoosh_Karami. He said since the parameter syncing function is not done by the local device type handler, the parameter syncing will run always run though the cloud.

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By this do you mean the Z-Wave Configuration class? I really wish custom DTH’s would tap into the Z-Wave/ZigBee library framework of the hub, just imagine how much faster everything would run AND the reduced load on the ST cloud (power of distributed computing) :slight_smile:

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Well if we are adding requests. :slight_smile:

Basically could a device type handler have 2 parts, some standard functionality that runs local, and extended functionality that runs in the cloud?

For example: take any zwave plus dimmer switches (GE, homeseer) they have some extended functionality.

Could we have the base functionality run local, using the zwave dimmer dth, handle on/off/dimming etc?


in cloud handle the custom stuff, double tap, triple tap, and other functionality

So stuff that can be handled local be done local and extended functionality be sent to the cloud to be interpreted and run?

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You could do what I did and invest in a Fibaro Home Centre Lite. Not cheap, but I can now upgrade the firmware of any of my modules including the double switch 2 that had an issue with toggle switches.

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