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Hub Firmware Beta 0.25.32

I have around 40 zwave and 40 zigbee devices.

I have always have device health on. Usually if device health shows a problem, there is a problem with that device, it needs to be power cycled.

Usually zwave repair requires that i do repair three times in a row to get a clean repair.

There is one zwave mesh change that I noticed a few months ago.

It involves the aeon 6 plugin switch.

Previously I could place them anywhere.

Recently there seems to be a change, such that if I use more than on my network, their performance is horrible and it messes with the entire zwave mesh.

My point is, there were zwave repair errors that would not go away, removing the second aeon 6 plugin switch and the zwave repair errors went away.


Is there any way you can look at these device ID’s and tell me what you guys see on your end that I can’t with the typical hub event logs? I won’t have access to a zwave stick and tools for some time, so I’m hoping ST can shine some light as to why I keep seeing large blocks of zwave devices do this all at the same time:

The devices in this block of activity vary in terms of distance to the hub (they’re spread across all areas of my home, literally corner to corner). They’re all GE switches, and the model numbers are mostly the 4xxxx series, with a few 1xxxx series (including Master Bedroom Fan [25]).

I don’t seem to be impacted that I’ve noticed, but I’d like to track down root cause if possible.


Just as a point of reference, other than battery always showing 100% the August lock is working fine for me.

Is it possible one or more zwave devices have failed and are causing problems with the zwave mesh?

Anything is a possibility, but these devices span all corners of the house, and it’s not impacting any of my zwave plus devices.

Were you able to track down the issue?

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Not much “fuss” in this Beta release! Is it ready for prime time?

I sooooo need my system to be back to working right. :pleading_face:

No I haven’t. I’ve still not seen any issues related to this, AND I’ve not had any offline zwave devices in 3 days. That’s a record for me lately.

I figured this would happen as soon as I replied above, but I jinked myself. I have a GE fan controller that’s been offline for 9 hours. Yay.

Can you write up a bug report in Centercode and we can triage this for you? Thanks!

No problem, thanks for looking into this. Submitted BUG-0049 a few minutes ago.

Arrival sensors are local now :sunglasses:

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They are! Please keep an eye on the behavior and let us know if you see any issues.


Keen vents DTH or a standard zigbee vent going local soon? That would make my devices 100% local.

What DTH are yours running? 4 of mine have been local for a long time, except one that’s running the Arrival Sensor HA DTH.

@Zach_Varberg, is there a difference between the Arrival Sensor HA and Arrival Sensor DTH’s?

Yes. the Arrival Sensor DTH is for the original kickstarter SmartThings arrival sensor (the one that is egg shaped). It used mostly manufacturer specific clusters for its communications and has been running locally forever. The Arrival Sensor HA DTH is for the more recent more rectangular one (there are a couple of models of these), and this is just moving local now. Each device should automatically pair with the correct DTH. In terms of functionality, they are nearly identical, but in terms of code support they are different due to the manufacturer specific stuff for the old presence sensor.

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Thanks Zach!

btw, for Arrival Sensor HA i did have to go to the device in the IDE, edit and save for it to switch to local. But I may have just been impatient :slight_smile:

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is anyone still have delays with fibaro switches?