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Hub Firmware Beta 0.25.25

The Samsung multi-sensors are Zigbee

Missed that… Have any of your repeaters gone offline or have they been moved? I wonder whether the sensors are having to use more power to communicate. Did you try the 10 minute hub disconnect to force the sensors to find new routes back to the hub? I know this is a silly question given you are an advanced user but just in case…

Nothing has moved & it’s only the Samsung closest to the hub, the Iris on the top ½ of the same windows have been fine, all the ones throughout the house further away are fine. Just the 3 Samsung closest to the hub.
Yes I’ve done the hub off for 30 minutes Zigbee rebuild. I’ll just leave them off until the next push before I replace the batteries again.

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As of 5 minutes ago, my entire second floor only has 3 Zwave devices left, 2 are zwave plus fan controllers and they’ve been working really well so far (knock on wood), and the other is a siren.

Not yet. The f/w version that gets picked up is the one ST has the latest for. So far I’ve had zero issues.

If a firmware update becomes available, I should get it; but I don’t know about it getting to 3.0 unless the chip can handle it. That’s something I’ll have to investigate, but considering the population of 2.0 and earlier devices being out there, I’m not worried about getting to 3 anytime soon.

The Leviton device does look interesting though. I remember seeing that too, but their site still hasn’t added it yet.

I was able to find a company that has Zigbee devices that would replace my Aeon HEM, and my micro relays I have inside gang boxes, as well as for my garage door opener. The company’s name is Climax Technology from Taiwan, and I’m trying to find a distributor in the US. They do a lot with home safety devices in the US, but their other devices are just not in the US that could find. I may have to use a custom DTH for the HEM, but ST has a DTH for everything else (I just need to get a device to test with).


That looks very promising. Keep us updated.

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Oh I will, but I have yet to get any replies to inquiries on where to find them. These guys are going to be in Vegas in April for some type of conference, but unfortunately I’m not there until May, otherwise I’d track them down!

I’m also trying to find this:

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John, Breaks my heart that you are going away from Z-Wave. :cry:

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Let me take a look to see what is going on.


John, I took a look and did not have hub logs for when the consecutive “Not responding” occurred. I am sorry that I was unable to pull hub logs when you reported this issue, but if these sort of things happen in future, please go ahead pull logs yourself and let me know so I can then pull them later and investigate the matter.

Also, thanks for helping us out with the beta.


No to worry! I’m hanging on to many zwave plus devices, so all is not lost.

@Kianoosh_Karami - the issue I had with a zillion disconnects during the day / night is happening again. I am trying to figure out whether it has anything to do with my Ubiquiti Unifi network equipment (running beta software) or whether it is just the ST hub having issues. To this point it appears that the only device having issues is the hub. This may not be all telling but I had a recursive ping to (DNS), (managed switch where hub is connected) and (hub). The only recursive ping to show any issues was the hub’s. Also, the hub’s LED turned blue at least once during a longer outage.

One thing I can try is to connect the ST hub to the ATT router for a day or so as it appears it can still manage devices on its own private network even though it is set to IP Passthrough so that the public IP is assigned to my Unifi USG-PRO4 router. I did the test earlier for an hour or so and the connection was stable however it is not a large enough sample.

Any other suggestions? Has anything in .25 changed which may be related to this?

EDIT: ATT recently replaced the external 2010 ONT (fiber terminal) with a drastically smaller and newer ONT mounted indoors. I did some work today to mount it inside a structured media panel so one or two of the disconnections (likely the longest) were me powering down the ONT.

the issue with battery drain on my multi sensors appeared to be one time event and only in the older model devices. I think one of these betas (or some other event during the same period) might have forced ota updates.

I am having issues getting the newer SmartThings app to discover Z-Wave Plus devices. I thought at first it was just me, but I was able to replicate the issue by resetting the devices and trying to add again. Only the old app would find them. Not sure how this could be firmware related, but the new app used to discover them.

@Gnant - I have noticed the same thing but I have always thought it was the “luck of the draw”. For instance, sometimes the hub does not actually go into inclusion mode even though the app says it is searching… I then try again using the old app and it works (this is true whichever app I use first I believe), or I reboot the hub and a previously undiscoverable device pops up immediately.

My suggestion is to visually check that the hub is indeed in inclusion mode either by looking at the LED on the front or looking at the Event List for the hub. Once confirmed then put the device in inclusion mode. If that fails, then try a reboot of the hub. After each attempt, I always do an exclusion and a reset of the device for good measure.

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Are you doing any sort of filtering of outbound traffic? This release adds a “liveness” endpoint that the hub checks at Failing this check won’t prevent the hub from getting online, but it will eventually cause the hub to disconnect/reconnect to try to get a good connection.


It’s great to see that there are optimizations being put in place to improve the stability.

However just like you pointed out, if there is something beyond the control of the hub like firewalls or defective routers, UPnP issues (if used) etc rather than going into a loop, which could make a bad situation worse due to unintended side effects, would it be more effective to send the user notifications that something isn’t right?

That way it’s more transparent to users and the conversation would center around a FAQ and best practices instead of folks digging into logs.

Just my 2 cents.


We’re on the same page - this was a first pass and I think a lot more could be done. My first choice would be detecting DHCP servers giving out addresses without internet connectivity (i.e. a “rogue” DHCP server). It’s so easy to accidentally plug in a router when what you want is a switch and not realizing it has a DHCP server enabled. I find this especially true with something like an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter or the like since it can be a switch or a router depending on configuration.


Since 0.25.26 has now been released, please use this thread for future comments: Hub Firmware Beta 0.25.26

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Hey @RLDreams,
I’d gladly take a look at this for you to see what’s up with these couple sensors. Would you mind shooting me a PM with the email address associated with your account along with the names of the 3 sensors you are seeing the issue with?