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Hub Firmware Beta 0.24.5


@Kianoosh_Karami and @Zach_Varberg

FYI, I see that ST turned on debugging, thanks! I’ve seen quite a few of these messages:

"ZW tx overflow "

(Tyler Jones) #43

Having trouble with presence sensing since the latest beta firmware on Thursday. Both my phone (Google Pixel) and my wife’s (iPhone 8) have significant delays, sometimes >10 minutes before the hub detects are presence and adjust SHM and my automations accordingly. This was working flawlessly prior to the update. The fact that both of our phones are doing this leaves me to believe it’s on the hub’s side. I’ve tried reboots and adjusting presence zones, etc.

Also have a motion sensor that reads as constantly active. I’ve removed it and readded, it works for about 5 minutes then goes back to constantly active. I’ve completely removed it now until it’s resolved.

Anything you can do to help?

(Bob) #44

Regarding the presense issue, I’ve not updated yet and I’ve noticed issues over the past week with phone presence.
Not sure if it is related or not.

(Jeffrey) #45

The hub is not involved in actual presening from phones so if you are showing away that is not related to the hub.

(Borristhecat) #46

I have been having the same issue but not sure if its connected yet

(Arn B) #47

Having issue with both Iris and Centralite keypads since this update and perhaps the update to Groovy.

When entering a pin there is a timeout where the network light shuts for about a half second, then turns back on. However, it appears the device has “timed out” and will not react to the status command, causing all the status lights to start blinking. The status requrest is properly processed by ST SHM.

(jkp) #48

Since they released 24.5 last Thursday, I have one z-wave lock that is constantly showing as unavailable. If I manually unlock it, it shows as available again and I can control it through the app. But within an hour, it goes back to unavailable. Not a battery or distance issue. I haven’t posted this issue on centercode yet but will. :frowning:

(Bret Schuring) #49

Jeffrey is correct that mobile presence is not handled by the hub. Please contact support regarding this issue.

(Bret Schuring) #50

Would you create a Centercode bug report for this issue? Thanks.

(Jameson) #51

I have a simulated lock doing the same thing, not sure if they are related, I already submitted a bug report

(DavidK) #52

zwave direct associations are slow and unreliable, can this be related to this beta at all? or is it coincidence?

Are zwave associations ever carried by repeaters? I removed some, could that be a contributing reason?

tagging @JDRoberts as he is very knowledgeable! Thanks in advance!

Do direct association commands ever get routed by repeaters or do the commands always go directly between the 2 devices?

With this beta, direct association seems to be delayed and no longer reliable.

I realize that this is probably coincidence and NOT related to the beta at all.

Maybe the devices in question are failing but it affects 3 different devices bought at different times.

The other possible explanation is that prior to this beta, direct association commands were being helped along with some repeaters I have, that I have removed from my mesh. I do NOT think this explanation is likely, but I am including it as a possibility.

What happened the day that I got this new beta. I was having system zwave problems. After rebooting and doing zwave repairs I started to remove devices that I no longer needed, one at a time, with the plan of simplifying the zwave mesh and hopefully get to the point that zwave repair, repairs cleanly, as it used to do. Again I am not sure that it is not coincidence or is the beta, but prior to the beta as far as I can remember my zwave repairs had no errors.

As part of the group of zwave devices I removed were the zwave plus radios in some iris plug in sockets.

I have not added back any of the zwave devices I have removed.

I am now able to run a clean zwave repair.

(Borristhecat) #53

i’m also getting this now since the update

(Jimmy) #54

(jkp) #55

Since Monday afternoon, (09/17/18), my locks have been reporting their status properly. I have not seen the unavailable status on them since. :slight_smile:



New bug report : BUG-0175

Zigbee devices show as “this device is unavailable” in the classic mobile app, BUT shows OK in the new Samsung app:

BTW : the hub’s event log says the status of each device is: “NEEDS_REJOIN”

(Jimmy) #57

Anybody on the hub beta using smartsense open/close devices and the new app? All of mine are showing 40*F in the new app but correct in the classic app. Not sure if it’s an app or hub firmware issue. iOS app.

(jkp) #58

same thing on my sensors that are using the smartsense dth. BTW have you checked out the device count on the dashboard :slight_smile:

(Jameson) #59

Mine as well, everything else shows temp fine, at first I thought mine were right, but most of mime use smartsense multisensor

(Jameson) #60

I had to add the top card back on, but that number look just a bit off! I know I have a problem but big difference between 100 devices and 240!

(jkp) #61

it appears to be a iOS bug as the device count shows correctly on android. same for temp, it reports correctly on android. 40 degrees on iOS app, 79 degrees on Android.