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(Tran Duc) #22

Anyone knows when will be a firmware update for Samsung connect? It’s still :frowning: .

(Zach Varberg) #23

In case you haven’t logged into Centercode the past couple days and seen the notice:

Due to a number of issues we have seen with locally running Simulated Switches (and Simulated Dimmer Switches) and the potential to break existing custom integrations users have created, we have decided to remove locally running switches from the 0.20.X release. We would still like to provide this utility to users, but exactly what form it takes is still being discussed. We will provide a survey for you guys to provide feedback on your thoughts sometime in the next week.

This change should go live at some point today.

(Working on a secret project, are we, sir?) #24

I still am not having any issues with anything simulated. There must be a reason why mine works and others not. I’d hate to see this rolled back and lose local running,

(Zach Varberg) #25

Yeah Scott, we have identified what each of the issues are and we know how we could fix them. However, in fixing them we might break some peoples existing custom solutions using those devices. We decided that we weren’t comfortable doing that without at least spending some time investigating how likely that is, and how many people would be affected. So we are still planning to provide this functionality, but unfortunately it won’t be in this release.

(Chris Donovan) #26

I’m on the latest beta and still seem to have problems with simulated switches. The IDE reports the simulated switch as local even though I’m not on 0.20.15. Is there any way to revert this so the switch works properly again? Right now my Alexa command to turn on the simulated switch works about 25% of the time…

(Tom Manley) #27

Can you try again and see it it’s working consistently? I moved the execution location back to the cloud on those two local switches.

(Zach Varberg) #28