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Hub Firmware 25.x Beta

(Jimmy) #81

is there a separate email notice from the “welcome to the beta” email for when it is getting pushed to you?

(Chris Baumler) #82

Yes, you will receive an email letting you know that your firmware is about to be updated. Also, just to be clear, not everyone will receive the update this week.

(Bob Kerr) #83

From the welcome to the project email.


I haven’t had a chance to add a zwave plus device yet, but I think I remember seeing that legacy message before (I think). I will say that so far this firmware release has gone very well for me. I’m on 25.15, and have only had a couple minor problems that have been immediately resolved (see the Centercode site).

(Simon) #86

Great news on the plan to support local execution for the Fibaro Dimmer2 ZW5 and Fibaro Double Switch2 ZW5. Can I ask which device handlers will be used?

Reason is the generic ones have issues. The Dimmer 2 one will not work with modules below version 3.5 as it tries to set parameter 38 (which only exists from ver 3.5). The Double switch 2 one has other issues. I and many other use the Codersaur one for the Dimmer 2 and the Erocm123 one for the Double Switch 2.



Since I am not seeing the new version on my hub, does that mean I got voted off the Beta test island or are there still issues being resolved before further deployments?

(Paul Osborne) #88

We’ve been doing batches and monitoring results. We did a group on Friday and will likely be doing more or the rest on Monday/Tuesday depending on how things look or other criteria.


Paul, thanks for the update. I thought I saw a post about being done deploying last week. Most have been a different project.

(Anthony S.) #90

i’m curious to know why I received an email on Friday telling me I would be upgraded on Friday and wasn’t.

(Chris Baumler) #91

I’ll investigate and get back to you.

(Kenneth Fraleigh) #92

Is the rollout still in progress? I see it in centercode. I’m just curious, since I have 11 zwave switches and 4 zwave smoke/co detectors that I’m curious to see how the update will effect them. I’m hoping the switches will respond more quickly.

(Chris Baumler) #93

Yes, the rollout is still in progress. We have a couple of groups planned for today and will continue to update groups of hubs depending on how things look.


As one of the early birds, this beta (25.15) has been really good so far. Any bug I submitted has been quickly addressed.

(Chris Baumler) #95

Looks like there was a group of users who were emailed on Friday but didn’t receive the firmware update. That group should have now received another email stating that they will receive the update today. If you are in that group and your firmware does not update within the next hour, please let me know, and I will troubleshoot.

(Jimmy) #96

no email, but looks like I got the update.

edit: just got the email. Late by an hour, but oh well. off I go testing!

(Jimmy) #97

not sure if this a bug, so i’ll ask here. During a z-wave repair I got a whole bunch of these before it completed. The only thing different on each is the payload number. Is this normal? Don’t remember seeing it during previous zwave repairs.

(Kianoosh Karami) #98

Aaaaaaah, Yes, those messages escaped from the hub. Will be fixed in 0.25.16 :slight_smile:

Not a bug per se, but thanks for reporting it.

(Jeff Johnson) #99

I’ve got 2 hubs signed up (different locations) but it looks like only one is getting the updates - I see both in the beta page. Is that on purpose or an error or are we only allowed one device to be on the beta (probably somewhere in the fine print that I didn’t read… :innocent:)

(Chris Baumler) #100

You can definitely sign up more than one hub for the beta. Could you DM me the hubID of the one that isn’t receiving updates?


Hi Kianoosh,
For the “Conversion stage”, you mentioned querying all the devices to refresh their supported command classes. I didn’t notice a change in the Raw Description field in the IDE. Should that have been updated with the response from the query?