Hub Firmware 25.x Beta

I just found out that a fix is coming tomorrow.

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Well good job alpha testing! :joy:


Chris when can the rest of us expect the beta firmware update?

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We ran into a bug that affects users when they initially migrate to the new Z-Wave framework. As @johnconstantelo pointed out, we’ve implemented a fix and are doing a little internal testing prior to releasing it. It was important to fix this before continuing the rollout, because everyone would have been affected. Our plan is to roll out to a few more users later today. If all goes well, more will follow. Thanks for your patience as we try to do this in a way that is helpful for everyone.


Chris, will the new firmware also print the logs from locally run DTH/Apps on the IDE console?
Currently local DTH’s don’t print anything on the IDE console making it VERY hard to debug problems with devices. For examples, I’ve been seeing false positive reports from a flood sensor for weeks and when trying to debug what messages are being received, because the DTH runs locally, even though it has log statement nothing is printed in the IDE Live Logging screen.

I’ll highlight my previous point with another related issue with the current firmware, when a local DTH sends an event even the raw information sent by the device isn’t logged in Events list:
Here is an example of the Everspring Flood Detector DTH which runs locally, when I manually triggered a flood event on the sensor, the DTH events logs:


Where as the same DTH run locally in the cloud, has this in the event history (the raw information sent by the device thereby confirming that it wasn’t a ghost/phantom event and can help isolate any issues with the actual device):

|rawDescription|zw device: 34, command: 9C02, payload: 00 05 FF 00 00|

Is this something that is addressed in the new firmware? If not can this be done to assist with getting to the root cause of problems. As the number of locally run DTH’s keep increasing it will get more difficult to isolate issues with the raw information / logging being available in the IDE.

That’s a great suggestion, and other users have brought it to our attention too. We agree that logging for locally running handlers would be super useful. Unfortunately, implementing this comes with its own set of challenges. One of the main benefits of local DTHs is that we don’t have to send everything over the network. So we need to balance the need for extra info for debugging in some scenarios with the need for performance in other scenarios. That being said, we do have this on our radar, but it’s something that likely won’t be added for some time.

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That makes sense.

Throwing a few ideas in there if it helps:

  • compressing and batch sending them
  • holding the logs and sending over an idle link
  • having a local port which can serve the logs over the LAN (have the IDE retrieve the logs the local ip/port and merge the logs with the ones from the server OR have a separate link in the IDE to get the logs from the local ip/port)

Perhaps you could add the ability to toggle debug (temporarily?) on a particular device?


I’m very happy to report that my August Pro has successfully been included to my hub! My hub has been updated, which did the trick.

Thank you @Kianoosh_Karami and @cbaumler, well done guys.

FWIW, I did not move the lock to the hub. I did the inclusion process from the door, and the hub is 1/2 way across the house.


I’m interested in this, is this the first OTA update ever for the Zen? Do you have any more details?

A good suggestions and one that we are considering.

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I don’t know if the manufacturer has released FW updates through other means but it’s the first update we’ve released for that device. I’ll try to get some more details to provide next week.

Anybody having issues including Zwave Plus devices? They keep getting recognized as “Zwave Device” and the raw description is much shorter and mostly zeros. At first I thought it was due to the Aeon Recessed Door Sensors that I have been having trouble with for a long time but I just tried including a HomeSeer WD200+ dimmer and it failed in the same way.

What is the particular issue you are trying to resolve?

Let’s talk in DM about this issue.

So will this be rolling out to most of us today?

My house keeps doing weird things the last couple of days, keep thinking it’s updating I then check and it isn’t. Rebooted the hub before leaving my house this evening hoping that gets rid of the ghosts :ghost:

“We’re hoping to have all of the beta testers’ firmware updated by the end of the week.”

Technically you can expect the push tomorrow… If they don’t suspend the release… lol

Where is this info coming from?

We’re continuing to roll out to groups of beta testers each day. Please bear with us if you haven’t received the new firmware yet.