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(Nick Stevens) #122

Don’t you mean “louving”? :wink:

(Realy Living Dream) #123

Reason would be that they know how to spell. LoL

(Barton.) #124

You mean they don’t know how to spell.:grin:

(Robin) #125

How can I neg a post?


Really digging the new virtual switches and mirroring. I was able to get rid of some WebCore rules to do the same thing. One thing I noticed was that my Webcore rules were able to accommodate was turning on the virtual switch from app or action tiles and automatically synchronizing to the VS dim level. If a light dim level was changed outside the VS mirroring, this would get everything back in sync.

Anyone else notice this?

The fix would be to send dim level immediately after the ON event. This is what my webcore rules did.

(Laurence Gough) #127

You have to create a centercode account. It isn’t the same account as your SmartThings account.

How do you create one? I can’t find it anywhere…

(Realy Living Dream) #128

Links above.

(Laurence Gough) #129

So where from here then?? Because if I use any of these options, none of them work.

(Realy Living Dream) #130

You need to have a center code account.

(Laurence Gough) #131

Right… Yes, this is what I’m saying… So back to my original question back from March "Hi, how do I sign up to test this firmware? "where do I get that?

This was more of a question to SmartThings it wasn’t directed to anyone personally, but clearly they must have enough testers as I have signed up to all of the test forms, filled in the surveys and posted on here.

(Adam Schulz) #132

I’ll look into why you’re having trouble creating a Centercode account. Also sometimes Centercode’s backend likes to move surveys around and it breaks the link shortening they do. Here’s a fresh link for the application for beta, after that there’s nothing left for you to do.

When we start our next beta round we’ll get you in.