Hub Firmware 20.17

I have been finding that since this update, my hub has had to be rebooted several times. Today WiFi devices, and Z-Wave devices went unavailable. Any one else seeing this?

Hi @joelw135,

This has been discussed in other threads. Please enter a ticket with ST support on:

Hi @joelw135, ironically I’ve had exactly the opposite experience. This release has been the most stable, with no reboots, even during the beta. I swear even performance improvements are very noticeable.


I have also noticed the performance increase, but I have a number of times where a reboot is necessary. This is the first instance where both Z-wave and WiFi integration stopped working and showed offline until reboot.

Chiming in late on this one. I am also having repeated disconnects on several Z-Wave and WiFi devices. I have had to reboot the hub several times in the last two weeks.