Hub Firmware 17.x Beta


I just got the 17.11 update. Seems to have updated smoothly.

(Steve White) #344

Just got the update too. Looking forward to seeing if the Zwave power cycle occurrences are really fixed now.

(Jimmy) #345

ditto. looks like it took about 3 minutes.

(Realy Living Dream) #346

I guess this would be why I just got slammed with 1/2 dozn door open, door closed, lights on lights off announcements from an hour ago.
Quick check, yup at 7/11

(Bob) #347

Mine updated too.
Fibaro dimmers still working OK as are my WeMo Insight and Switch.

(Rob) #348

Mine updated and now there is no option to enable/disable OTA lights in the utilities section.

(Joel W) #349

Mine hasn’t updated as of yet, I wonder where they started. I am on the East Coast.

(Jimmy) #350

Mine is still there…

(Bernie H) #351

Mine updated. No issues so far.

(Joel W) #352

Were are you located?

(Brian Diehl) #353

Mine updated (Ohio).
Firmware Version 000.017.00011

(Joel W) #354

My Hub Light is purple, I assume it is in update mode.

(Tom Manley) #355

Can you check again? This should be fixed now.

(Brian Diehl) #356

It’s there for me as well as regular OTA for Zigbee

(Bob) #357

Not there for me either since the latest upgrade.

(Joel W) #358

My Hub V2 rebooted but version still at 17.10 any ideas? Hub lights keep going from green to blue, now on blue or purple.

(Tom Manley) #359

Are you on the EU01 shard? It should be fixed there now too.

(Bernie H) #360

NJ and here is 10 char. LOL

(Nick Stevens) #361

Hi Joel - sorry for the confusion, your hub was in a weird state without the client for downloading updates running. I pulled logs and remotely rebooted the hub and now it is downloading the update. I’ll be debugging what exactly got it into that state in the first place.

(Bob) #362

Yes, on the EU01 shard.
Now showing up.
Thanks for the quick response.