Hub Firmware 17.x Beta

(Alex) #323

Since upgrading to 17.x my single Fibaro Dimmer 2 keeps locking up. It usually follows the settings of another dimmer via a CoRE piston but since the upgrades it just stops responding. I have not had a chance to investigate further.

(Joe) #324

Also on the color thing iris sensors are still green.

(Dario Rossi) #325

Is anyone having issues with the Hue bulbs? They show as online in the IDE but I get an error in the logs when trying to toggle the bulb on off like: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot get property ‘id’ on null object @ line 83. I also just updated the iOS app so not sure if beta firmware or iOS app related. I am leaning to firmware since there is an error in the log. I submitted to beta email already but wondering if anyone on the community also has this issue and if they resolved.

(Realy Living Dream) #326

I’m on beta, 2.3 Android & SLC. I DON’T have IDE open to see any error, but just toggled different 4 hue lights ( Bloom, Lux, tunable white & br30 color) in ST & they​ all worked perfectly. It was faster than instantaneous.

(Dario Rossi) #327

I have noted all of my device types are now ‘LAN Hue’ then something like bulb or dinner or extended color. But I didn’t change it so assume it happened in the back end automatically.

Did you have to do anything to change over to using SLC and hue or did it just happen?

EDIT: I sent an email to support and beta emails but have not received a reply yet but all of the sudden it started working so not sure if they fixed something but I can only assume they did.

(Realy Living Dream) #328

If they say LAN ,than they are on the SLC, ( Super LAN Connect) & you should notice that your​ Hue connect app is no longer there.

(Lee Ross) #329

The SUPER LAN CONNECT is junk. I lost all of my hue lights in Smartthings environment. Since the update it removed the hue connect, shortly after I lost all control over hue products within ST. I tried to readd thru lan connect, it won’t discover anything. So I emailed support I got the usual “There is a known problem, We are working on it”. Only problem is I have several rooms with no switches that come on with motion. Now I have to pull out phone and use Hue app. I think I will buy the Hue motion sensor and just not reinstall in St environment. Have to say this is not so SUPER.

(Joel W) #330

I have not had any problems with Super LAN Connect, everything was working great until this last IOS update. After that everything not just LAN connected things gort screwed up.

(Wayne) #331

In ST’s defence they did reach out to the community with SLC and conducted what looked like a very successful beta. For what it’s worth I’ve not had any issues and everything has gone very smoothly for me.
I’m also accepting to a degree of hitting bugs whilst participating on the beta.

(Realy Living Dream) #332

I’ve got 40 Hue lights on ST with SLC and they are all working fine. So I think your anger and frustration might be misdirected.

(Aaron S) #333

It looks like the Hue issues were unrelated to the Hub firmware and the mobile update. We pushed out a fix that has brought the cloud-reported errors way down. If you are still experiencing issues, please email support@

(Joel W) #334

Aaron is it safe to turn on Health check, both times I did I lost connectivity and use of devices. Turned it off and reset some devices and no problem since.

(Joe) #335

I have it on and working good. It help me immensely figure out dead devices because the battery reporting they have is crap.

Wow cr@p is censored lol.

(Wayne) #336

I don’t think it’s fixed. I turned it on to try out and within 6 hours had 8 devices drop off.

(John) #337

Curious, but are they dropping off or just listed as dropping off? I had a couple devices running a DTH that had the capability “Health Check” included and they appeared to be non-functioning. I commented out the line from the DTH and the problem went away. I suspect the feature (because it was undocumented) was not implemented correctly by the author. Just a thought.



I just got an email for another firmware update. Any news as to what this contains?

(Bob) #339

Or when it will happen.
I’m more than happy to test when the Update has completed, but a clue as to when would be good.

(Brian Diehl) #340

All it said was “Shortly”

In ST terms, that could mean anything…

(Joel W) #341

Just sitting and waiting, but since the hub is behind me I will never know when it happens. Anyone know the firmware number? We are on 17.10 now so I guess 17.11.

(Paul Osborne) #342

Hey All,

Customer beta should be rolling out this afternoon (CST) and hubcore version should be 0.17.11 after this update; we are just doing some final checks on our internal release groups to ensure there are no major problems. Here are the notable changes with this release. Testing of locally executing devices/automations is greatly appreciated as is continuing to report any problems (or fixes) seen with Z-Wave devices.

  1. Changes to appengine to reduce flash writes
  2. Fix for issue with corrupted appengine state leading to loss of function for any locally-executing device types (this issue was seen early on by @bago)
  3. Device will now automatically reboot if an IP address is not acquired within 15 minutes of device boot. This is a workaround for an issue seen on a small number of hubs not acquiring an IP address after a reboot. Long term we hope to remove this workaround as it could impact offline, local execution in some cases. We are still collecting more information on why some routers are not responding as expected (maybe as they should) to DHCP discover requests after a reboot.
  4. Fix observed and potential crashes in Z-Wave code when a command is received with an unexpected/illegal length. This should address the reboot observed by @einars with his ID-Lock.
  5. Fix issues with automatic secure encapsulation of messages that are already CRC-16 encapsulated. This one was impacting some Fibaro sensors.

We are closing in on a public release, so please raise any issues you see to support by emailing with them. We will likely ship the 0.17.X with some issues not fully addressed but we would like to get as good a grasp as possible of the issues that continue to be observed to that we can continue to work toward fixes on those in future releases and provide support with the right idea of issues that they should look at for as more customers receive this update.

Thank you again for your willingness to help out with beta testing this release. Moving forward we will likely be looking for beta testers for future large (i.e. non-hotfix) releases and we hope some of you will be willing to participate again in the future. We are also playing with the idea of seeing if there is interest in a more permanent beta/early-access program for hub firmware; we’ll communicate more on that in the future as we move forward.