Hub Firmware 17.x Beta

(Jeffrey) #303

All good here so far

(Joel W) #304

Prior to this Firmware update when a WeMo Switch was clicked off in the app, it would say off at once. Now there is a very long delay. it says**“turning off”, but it is"OFF."** Not sure if this is network delay, or possible the new Beta Firmware 17.10 on HUM V2.

(Blake Westerdahl) #305

I am on the updated firmware (17.10) as well. It must have happened so fast that I didn’t even get a hub offline notification :slight_smile:

(Realy Living Dream) #306

I have " perfect timing" as usual. I must have opened the cellar door ( expecting lights to come on) at the exact moment the update was loading. Lucky for me it was the side of the basement with windows, so I wasn’t left standing totally in the dark. Grabbed what I needed and as I was walking back out the lights all came on.

This is 3 times in a row, so looks like I have figured out how to force an update. Leave the house for a couple hours. When you open a door to walk in, it will force the update. Who says ST Geo-fencing doesn’t work ?

(Andrew) #307

Just received the update on NA02. Hub was offline for only 3 min. No issues so far remotely. Will test in depth tonight.

(EinarS) #308

Still an issue when an z-wave lock opens the hub sometimes goes offline.
I dont know if anyone else gets any problems like this.
But here it is.
Reported to

(Joel W) #309

This was also sent to beta email.
ran into a problem with status of devices showing and automations at a snails pace. Here are examples:

  1. Front Outside light should come on at sunset, came on 3 minutes late, and the SmartThings app showed off for another 3 minutes even with light being on. It showed off in ActionTiles also. I refreshed my iPhone app twice and then it showed status.
  2. I have my front doors automated so when a contact is opened after sunset the hall light would turn on, then off it two minutes. The door opened I heard the beep( Contact run Locally) then hall light came on about 45 seconds late.

(Rudi Prunzel) #310

My Hub was updated this morning to the 17.10 firmware and so far I have not noticed any issues.
On another note, I just noticed (ST App on Android) that the ON color for some Switch devices (like SmartPower Outlet) changed to BLUE again. This looks more like a DH change on the Back-End but just wanted to comment here :slight_smile:

(Joel W) #311

I think this was for everyone not just the Beta team.

(DavidK) #312

Was the color change just rolled out today? Just noticed it.

It seems dimmers are blue and switches are green.

This is in the SmartThings app on the iPhone.

(Andrew) #313

What I see in mine; all lights are blue except the ones that can change color. They are still green.

(jkp) #314

I am noticing erratic behaviour with locking/unlocking my door locks (both yale and schlage) with 17.10. Under Things, if I click to unlock, the status changes to unlocking and just stays as such. If I then click on the lock name, it shows locked and if I click there, it will unlock. But if I click to lock it from there, it changes to status locking but doesn’t lock. If I click the back button to go back to the Things page, the lock shows as unlocked and if I click there, it locks. No pattern I can find but I have to keep moving back and forth between the screens in order to unlock or lock.

(John) #315

I’m seeing lots of erratic behavior - long delays in turning on/off (some not at all), hub disconnecting frequently.

(Paul Osborne) #316

Took at look at the extra debugging information we capture on your hub and we think we have the crash you are running into isolated, so there should be an update coming with a fix in a future release. The lock appears to be sending some malformed (not according to spec) Z-Wave messages; we should never crash when this happens so we will definitely be addressing that part of the problem.


My hub still says 16.00014. When should I expect the update?


Since the 16.00014 firmware, I’ve had to rebuild my CORE pistons at least 3 times a day. The if blocks are constantly empty. I’ve not had any issues with anything else. Starting to get annoying . . .

(Mike Maxwell) #319

Yea, I’m also seeing instances of sa’s having to be refreshed. Afaik, this has always happened to me during firmware updates…

(Rob) #320

My hub updated to 000.017.00010 but I do not have the 3rd option to update lights for OTA. Still only enable without light option.

(EinarS) #321

Hope you find a way to ignore the fault so it stays alive then.

Inhubtion the new inception 
Dug up an old 433 hub and a power plug
So when offline I can reboot ST with no batteries installed.
Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was to expensive for this movie, so I am staring the movie my self

(Dan Fox) #322

Mine updated yesterday afternoon. The only reason I knew was I had a message that the hub was off line, then a few minutes later it went back on line. I noticed one of my motion triggered pistons took a little too long last evening (1 or 2 seconds), but after that first time everything seems fine.