Hub Firmware 17.x Beta

(Joel W) #281

I wonder what the release number is.

(Joe) #282

Its the 17.x one that’s in Beta. Just with two updates from the original one. Those two updates are in the email. And it did say soon so I was thinking soon is today lol

(Realy Living Dream) #283

I think he was asking what the x is going to be this time.

(Joe) #284

oh didn’t think it really matter but maybe .8 since it has some changes?

(Joel W) #285

I hate the waiting. I am always working on something on the IDE and afraid that something will get screwed up if it updates and I don’t know when. I know I am a worry wort.

(DavidK) #286

Well not to pile on, but yes, the email seems vague as to when this would happen. :slight_smile:


(Joe) #287

Don’t look like it meant today!

(John) #288

Hopefully the update doesn’t hose local device processing like the last version did.

(Joel W) #289

Not over yet, ST is in CA, so it is only 2:36 there.

(Paul Osborne) #290

Hey all, sorry for the back-and-forth. We were about to release but we saw some issues with the internal beta release we had done internally over the weekend and opted to take a deeper look at those prior to pushing out.

Plan is to roll out the latest update (with hubcore 0.17.10) out tomorrow starting at around 9AM CST. The update will include a reboot when the update is complete and verified, so there will be about 3-5 minutes of offline time as the hub restarts.

EDIT: We are also planning to update NA02 in this time frame. You will be going through the migration update which takes the originally noted longer period of time (15-30 minutes depending on your internet connection).

(Joel W) #291

Thank you for the heads up.


I’ve now had it happen 3 times in the last 2 days. Wonder what’s going on.

(EinarS) #294

Would it be posible to implement “reboot” if disconected for more than 60 minutes?

(Bob) #295

Just noticed hub offline.
Checked and now at 17.10.
Everything working ok.
Rven my Fibaro Dimmer which needed a power reset last time.
All good here in the UK. :slight_smile:

(Joel W) #296

Still waiting here in the USA, should be around 11:00 AM EST, or 9:00 AM CST.

(Jeremy) #298

I think you mean 10am EST

(Joel W) #299

Yes I do, wrong time zone. I picked MST.

(Wayne) #300

Another seamless upgrade for me. Absolutely no visible change other than the version number. Is it possible I’m in some sort of control group where smartthings make no changes apart from the version number? Lol. Like some some kind of placebo group.

(Jimmy) #301

Same here. looks like it took about 3 minutes. No angry calls from my wife yet…

(Joel W) #302

I didn’t even realize it happened, now at 17.10.