Hub Firmware 17.x Beta

(Sam G) #241

Funny, I just noticed nothing was working & my login wasn’t being accepted by the IDE…I just called support & was told that there is an issue with amazon services…I know you guys are working on it.

(Joel W) #242

I am hanging as asked.

(Chris Mc Laughlin) #243

As long as AWS is still having issues I’m assuming this will be out of your hands. Can’t change my home mode or disable all my alarm features until then. Guess I’ll start unplugging things.

(Joe) #244

I think your on to something lol

(Joe) #245

Are NA02 users not going to get this as initially planned?

(Paul Osborne) #246

Yes, NA02 will get the update. We are working on some fixes based on the feedback that has been provided thus far and will likely roll out the migration for NA02 users once this is ready in addition to updating the other users to the latest version with fixes.

Timing is still TBD as we pull in and perform testing of changes.

(Joe) #247

oh ok. Thanks for the update.

(Mike Maxwell) #248

can you elaborate on what’s being fixed?, perhaps I’m subject to the issue(s) and don’t even know it.
I ask as there is seldom a day when everything fires perfectly for me, so if I know what to look for, at least I can report that the issue was fixed after this next update is pushed…

(Paul Osborne) #249

We’ll write a note on what will be in the fixed when things are finalized. Right now the main change looks like it will be a fix for the Fibaro Dimmer 2 Z-Wave issue; there might be a couple other small changes in there as well to address other less visible problems or to give us some more information on problems that we don’t have root cause for yet.

(Aaron S) #250

During the 17.x testing, we discovered an edge case that brought up some concerns. Since the NA02 users were not yet updated (for a different reason), we are going to push an interstitial hotfix (16.14) update to you for testing before proceeding with the 17.x update (which will likely occur later this week). If you come across any questions, please email

(also, thanks @cuboy29 for letting us borrow your Hub to dig into this)

(EinarS) #251

I have something like 8-10 fibaro dimmer 2, so I got some serious issues the night I got the update.
Turning them on and off kinda solved most of the problems with those once i found out.
The fibaro motion sensors I had to rejoin most of them to get propper data from them, is that issue solved also?

(Paul Osborne) #252

@duncan Should be able to provide a better response as he helped hunt down the problem (which you all will help us confirm the fix for across all devices). I believe we think this should solve the problems you saw for all of these devices, but I’ll defer to Duncan and testing.

There is such a wide array of devices out there that testing on all devices for every update (especially ones that aren’t official Works With SmartThings) is a challenge. We appreciate all of you for helping us smoke out these problems.


(Realy Living Dream) #254

Let’s hope the fix includes ZigBee devices dropping. Started with the Cree on 16.13 now 1 Lightify Gardenspot & 1 GE bulb are dropping off every day. Yes the same bulbs on the edges of my mesh, so almost like ZB signal strength is lowered on 17.
I’ve been a good boy & have not added any new devices in a few months, with the exception of 1 Hue strip as instructed to test SLC inclusion. Lutron switch in opposite end of the house from lights dropping off on 16.13 & 17x

(Paul Osborne) #255

There were no major changes to ZigBee with 0.17 and no changes to the firmware; no changes for ZigBee are planned for the next beta update. One possibility is that during the update some of the routes of devices changes (as the coordinator was not around for a period), so it is possible that could be the cause of some problems. In particular, some devices that might have previously had the hub as their parent may have chosen a new parent that might be a bad router (e.g. GE Link bulbs still have issues sometimes; OSRAM is somewhat better with the latest OTA). In general, we have found the RF characteristics of bulbs to not be great, so having those are routers can be a cause of problems.

Feel free to send a message to to track the issue, especially if you are able to identify a pattern and we’ll do our best to make things work as well as we can.

(John) #256

Would this include Smart Lighting failing to work for local devices?

If yes, great, then it’s being worked on. In no, then that’s problematic because support says it’s a beta issue,

(Paul Osborne) #257

No, different issue. We’re continuing to investigate the local execution issue which appears to be impacting a subset of users. More data greatly appreciated if people can report to if they are seeing widespread local automation (e.g. Smart Lighting) failures.

It is particularly useful if you can provide the following:

  1. The time at which the failure would have occurred
  2. The automation and devices involved.

(John) #258

I have provided the information. Let me know if you need more info. I’m still awaiting a response from the first set of logs.

Thank you for responding. At least the local execution problem is now considered an issue related to the beta.

(Ed Meredith) #259

My issues with my hub still exist. Support has responded and unfortunately my hub is not fixable so new hub. For clarification I did not get the firmware update but apparently a push to prep the hub for the firmware resulted in errors especially with my ZigBee devices (osram gardenspots and Sylvania IQ bulbs and iris door hinge sensors) all became non responsive. Also smartthings multsensors became non responsive. Rebooting the hub would fix the issue temporarily but when the bulbs tried to update it would make ZigBee non functional.


So my hub has upgraded to 16.00014. Other than the app not updating the hub version (even after reboot - force stop worked interestingly enough though) I’ve had no issues. Local processing is still working, though I never had issues with Smart Lighting earlier. I have not had any devices drop either.

Are there any specific edge cases you’d like us to look at?