Hub Firmware 17.x Beta

(Realy Living Dream) #181

I feel so left out, only issue I’m having is an occasional light not coming on with motion trigger. App shows motion trigger & command sent but lights don’t come on. Which lights seems irrelevant. Has happened with Hue ( on SLC Hue bridge ) Osram & dumb lights on ZW switch. Commonality is Iris motion sensors. That & same Gardenspots that didn’t come on the first night have failed every night.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #182

have you checked to see if your garden spots have updated to the latest firmware? I had so much trouble with mine I was regretting buying 8… since the update there hasn’t been a glitch…

… now I can’t stand my Phillips Hue Light Strips…

(Realy Living Dream) #183

I haven’t looked at them since they started dropping. All 6 sets were on same FW last time I looked.
Hey I’m just glad it’s the set out along the driveway dropping now & not the ones on the porch that require me to climb under the porch to reset weekly.

I didn’t even power cycle them tonight to see if they woke up. By the time I noticed they were off it was almost time for them to go off anyway. it’s not as bad when they don’t turn on at night instead of the usual just staying on all day, resetting to that ugly mauve default color.

(EinarS) #184

Do you also want to look at a HUB that is innactive until boot after a z-wave fault?
Like my door lock that sometimes take the HUB to innactive.
If so I could try to stay with a analog house for short time. :slight_smile:

(Joe) #185

I feel left out I still don’t have it lol

(Ed Meredith) #186

I was contacted by ST support yesterday on my issue with Zigbee drop out and I think he got what he needed on my logs as he had me disconnect for 10 minutes and then reboot and they confirmed that they did get the additional information from the logs on reboot. I hope it helps to identify what exactly is causing the issue.

(Nick Stevens) #187

Unfortunately if the hub isn’t connected after this happens, we can’t trigger extra debug logs. If things disconnect but you still have a green LED (even if things aren’t responsive in the app), there might be something we can do.

(EinarS) #188

Ok, I will contact support next time it is open for business and I am online when it happens.
So you can have a look at it live.

(Joel W) #189

I would like to pose a question regarding this firmware and Z-Wave. After I installed the firmware I had 2 Z-Wave devices that weren’t functioning properly. One was a GE Dimmer, but a power cycle fixed that. The other was a Dragon Tec Z-Wave Plus Plug. That one kept going off as soon as it was turned on or sometimes after a few hours. Now the question: Today it was going off the second I turned it on. So I excluded it from the hub then included it. Now it seems to be working. Could the firmware update damage the Z-Wave settings or Generic Z-Wave on the device?

(Alex) #190

I had this happen too post 17.7 beta update but I just cut power to it and then it started working just fine. No problems since.

(Wayne) #191

Had a very odd event happen. A false motion caused Lights and siren to sound overnight via SHM. However, no record of it happening in SHM history.

(John) #192

Smart Lighting (SL) has stopped working for automations that only include devices that can run locally. If a SL automation includes a device that cannot run local, then SL works. Apps other than SL work. From within the IDE, I can see the devices activate (motion, contact, etc.), but for devices that run local, no SL automation shows in the logs. All devices function properly - motions, contacts, and the associated switches.

For example, I have closets tied to contacts that turn lights on when the closet door is opened. The contacts fire, and the lights are controllable from the mobile app, but SL does not execute the automation. I have a kitchen light set to turn on in the morning when the master bedroom door opens - same thing, nothing executes, but the devices are working fine.

I am seeing differences in the logs, but I don’t know if this is related. For example, the contacts report X, Y, and Z. I never noticed that before, or at least I never noticed it that frequently. The logs are really full of info, maybe this is some debugging info for the beta, but it is different than before (and it started yesterday).

( I hate Mondays) #193

@bago Which implies local processing is not working…

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #194

I woke up this morning to a complete mess.

All automations completely dead.
Rebooted hub, CoRE automations not completing.

Not a good time on a weekday morning.

(John) #195

Yep. That’s what I sent to support. Apparently it got knocked out yesterday for me.

(might be my fake name?) #196

Same here. Missed actions, missed mode changes, etc… Started this morning. Not everything, just some things.

(Jimmy) #197

Several other threads popping up about this, so sounds like it isn’t beta related.

(Jimmy) #198

Wait, @bago you made a separate thread for this. Are you on the beta or not?

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #199

No CoRE pistons firing at all.

(Blake Westerdahl) #200

No issues with my system yet. Its not better or worse than before the beta (i am not using CORE)